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Mar 15, 2013
Northern Michigan
I'm sure most of you have noticed that this is a fresh build thread.
Here we go.......
This gem is coming home next week.
This is going to be a joint build with my Brother.
While we haven't always seen eye to eye.
We have always been brothers.:cool::)
This one is going to be a patina special.
All there minus the engine and trans.
Sits well. No sag at all. Nice and even all around.
Tires were brand new at some point. Still decent but not sure I'd drive on them.
Needs some floor repairs. Go figure.:eek::p[;)[;)
Heres the plan ....So far.
What caught my eye on this one is the natural born patina.
We all know someone that has tried to make their car look like this one.
Outside will remain untouched.
Interior will be redone by us. Perhaps a Mexican blanket or Moving pads from Harbor Freight. Cheap but clean and serviceable.
Now. The engine.
I have a couple of thoughts on this.
One is that I install the running Nailhead I just got backed with a newer Trans.
Two. I drop in one of the fourth coming hemi's . Backed by a new Trans.
I'm inclined to go with the Nailhead. I know it runs. It's a fairly narrow engine so fitment should be easier.
I know it's not your typical engine swap. But why not says I.:cool::cool:
The biggest $$$ at first will be a new windshield. I'm considering a Lexan one for the time being.
This build will be done as I have time. I'm still going to work on the Dodge custom. Fear not.
Let's hear what you all have to say gang.
Not only keeping on. I'm adding to the pile.


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That’s way cool.[cl I vote nailhead also :p
As I’ve hear
“you have to keep on keeping on if you want to keep on keeping on” [cl
Thanks gang. I knew you all would understand the nailhead.😎
bob.... About all i have going for me right now is enthusiasm.😂😂😂
It a good place to restart from.
nice score Torchie. :cool:
The patina looks great. I just love the rear bumper on those... work of art by itself. and can always be used as a boat anchor if nothing else... :eek:
Again...... Thanks all.:D
The plan for this one is NO slicing and dicing.:eek::p
The rust work will be limited to the floor repairs and doing a better job of fitting the rocker skins.
Here is a few more Pics.
You can see in the profile shot the aftermarket rocker skins. Just stuck on over the OG's.
Typical 50's steering wheel. I do have a line on one. It's from a 50 Eldorado so it has 2 spokes instead of 3. That's on the "Nice to have " list.:D
Dash is intact except for the lighter.
Now a question.......
As limited as my experience is with patina. What, if anything, are you guys using to "Preserve" it?
I have seen products and to me most of them are either just linseed oil or linseed oil mixed with?????
I don't want to oil it. Any one have experience using a product called Popy's Patina? Its a 2 part that comes in Flat-matte or glossy.
It seems to get good reviews.
Thanks for any and all comments.
Keep on keeping on.....


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OMG I'm jealous... love those old Cads!!! [dr[dr[dr

As far as patina... I just let it rip!


Thanks BoB. I dig them too.:cool::cool: And thanks for all you do for this site.
My 3rd car was a 55 Cadillac Convertible.:D
Here is a couple more pics. A full set of 53 Cadillac wheel covers plus a full set of 50 Sombreros that are on the car.:cool: :cool: :cool:


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I watched a video on the Poppy's, they done the Dodge panel that is in the gallery and it looked like the ideal way to go over the original patina.
Torchie, I've been using straight linseed oil on my 31 and it was intentionally rusted when I built it. Besides the smell, I have no problems with it. I do it about 3 times a year. Very easy to apply. I do it with a shop cloth and make sure you cover it all and rub it in. Then come back thru with dry cloth and take the excess off. Down here it will dry within an hour or so and you can make it shine a little with some buffing. Mines not all that smooth so I skip that part...:D
Im fixing to do mine again. I'll post before and after shots somewhere.
I watched a video on the Poppy's, they done the Dodge panel that is in the gallery and it looked like the ideal way to go over the original patina.
I saw it being used and then looked for more info on it.
I like the fact that it's not oil based, OI.
Not that I will ever pint it shiny. I still worry about contamination if some one else wants too.

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