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Torchie, I follow your builds because of the heart you show. In spite of all the things that stand in your way, you still manage to make progress and do good work. I hate to see these projects that you have so much time and energy involved in get flipped without so much as a ride. That said, I also know that ultimately what you do is up to you to do whatever you want to do. Please factor in the time spent versus the money gained when you decide to sell. Do the math and see what that means in just value of your time. We do...
Thanks all.
smallfoot. I appreciate your comments.
Some times things don't go as we plan them. LOL
I just listed it for sale so now we will see what, if any response I get.
I will keep working on it. And thinking about a way I can get all 4 of the cars into the shop come winter. If I have too.:eek:
Keep on keeping on......
Hey gang.....
Not in the hospital.
Thanks for keeping me in mind.
Not much happening here other then trying to get the Caddy sold.
Thanks for looking out for me.:cool:
Happy Dance!! Good news [cl


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