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life seems to have a surprise for you in store every day... :confused:
Keep listening to Mrs.T and the old bones too. Get well soon.
life seems to have a surprise for you in store every day... :confused:
Keep listening to Mrs.T and the old bones too. Get well soon.

Yes it does, dutch.
The worry some part was the fever. That didn't happen the last time.
Much better now.:D
When we left of on the caddy there was issues with the rocker trim lining up.l
Turned out it was the fender skirt the was the problem.
Some how the stock mounting point got out of wack and was pulling that front end of the skirt in too far.
A little of this and a little of that and it's better now.
I will finish that up tomorrow.
I also started to mess around with the interior. This is the best arm rest. Slipped a tube of material over it for a look see. This is not the material I am using for the interior.:eek::D
Keep on keeping on ....


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It's been a hectic week ,so far......
Finished up the floor and sealed it all.
Here is a recap of the cabin floor and the trunk.
Thanks for looking in on me.
Keep on keeping on.....


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Nice work, love the Caddy!

My chev has some similar issues that were glassed and patched in the past. My trunk is still unfinished, covered in carpet. When I replaced the fuel sending unit, I just cut a little more to get to it. :rolleyes:
Thanks for all the positive comments, Gang.
ZZ. Your comment seems to be the MO of my life.
I take stuff others can't or won't be bothered with. Pump some fresh air into them, and watch what happens.
I't solid now, bob. I would even pull the body from the frame.I am not going to though.:eek::D
The Big reveal, Bill................
The interior will be a combo of Leopard print polar fleece and Faux lizard vinyl.:D[cl:cool:
Headliner is all Leopard.
Interior sunvisors ar faux lizard.
Door panels will be a combo of both.
The black cording with the flap will wind lace and maybe some trim else where.
The seats, if I get to them will be the lizard skin ,again.
The carpet has yet to be determined.
The pics may be confusing as the head liner is just hanging up loosely.
It will be going between the roof bows and the ceiling of the car. I painted the bows satin black. Kind of
rat rod-ish.":D:p[ddd
Thats it for now.
More tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting.
Keep on keeping on.......
p.s. A little secret. I bought a set of polar fleece king size sheets from e-bay.
Cheaper then buying yardage and you can get them really wide. NO sewing.
$60 to do all the interior so far.:eek:[cl


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Interesting color/pattern choice [cl
It will be an eye opening interior :eek:
I like the way you think :p
Keep at it, it’s looking great [cl
Next [P!!!
Interesting color/pattern choice [cl
It will be an eye opening interior :eek:
I like the way you think :p
Keep at it, it’s looking great [cl
Next [P!!!

Thanks soltz.
My dear departed Mother used to say something was "Interesting" when she couldn't think of a nice thing to say.:eek::p[ddd
I started in on a door panel to give a better idea of what I have planned. Lined it with more polar fleece for some padding. Then covered it with the printed material.
It still needs the lizard skin along the bottom of the door panel as well as the arm rest.
I have had a few doubters about the headliner. I tell them nobody ever looks up.:eek::p
Jon is coming by tomorrow so we will go after the headliner together.
Mrs T lent a hand on the door panel today.:cool::cool:
I have always wanted a Caddy with a leopard print interior. This won't be all leopard print. Just enough.:cool:


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I did the headliner on the 37 Packard and had never tried anything like that before - it came out surprisingly good. If you can sew a reasonably straight line, just sew 1" loops into the fabric and feed the top bows thru the loops. Just measure the distance between the bows to get the spacing right. I don't know how it was held to the edge - tack strip or some kind of barbed edge strip. I think if you just lay it on top of the bows it's gonna flap like crazy when the window is down....
That is possible ZZ.
No sewing here though.
My wifes seeing machine cost 3 times what the Caddy did.����
I have a few tricks up my sleeve .
There is very little space between the bows and the roof.
I have put some padding up there as well.
Once stretched taunt I believe it will be alright. It will get attached over the doors once the windlace is in place.
No flapping until it gets an engine, anyways.��
Thanks for your thoughts.
Interesting color/pattern choice [cl
It will be an eye opening interior :eek:
I like the way you think :p
Keep at it, it’s looking great [cl
Next [P!!!

I was told to saw light fixtures where interesting when they where ugly hahahaha. Home owners won't know the difference hahahaha
Indeed smallfoot.:eek::cool::cool:[dr
I know it is not everyones cup of tea. I think it looks great.:D[cl:D
Here is the rear PS door panel. The trim strips are stock 50 Cadillac.
I did raise the height of the lizard skin on the bottom of the door. The stock was just a thin strip of vinyl. I think this looks better too.
Mrs. T wrapped the first of the 4 arm rests. Started in on the pattern for the front doors.
Moving ahead.
Thanks for checking up on me.
Keep on keeping on.........


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