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Even the small boring things are exciting on this rod. Like the billet to cast conversion & I'm really digging the column cover. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. (excluding an arm :D:D )
I'm running out of things to take photos of that would look like something. Mostly boring details like mounting the electric fuel pump, installing the fan, blah blah blah. Here's one thing though that might be a tip for others. I wanted to use the factory oil filter in the factory location instead of a remote deal. I found out that wasn't a good idea because of a modifaction I made to the oil system (bypass plug). So I got a Hotheads adapter for use with a spin on filter and got a K&N filter because they have a nut welded on top that looks sort of like the factory cartridge canister. I smoothed and sandblasted the adapter and painted the K&N filter black. From a distance it sort of mimics the factory setup.

I should have the intake bolted down for good and the fuel system worked out and routed tomorrow. I need to make some modifications to the road draft tube also so that it will fit.





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Looks like you are getting all the clearance issues worked out pretty well, like the drivers side exhaust manifold. Man, that is tight !! :D Looking like you are getting down to the short strokes though. I especially like the steering column cover. :)

Thanks again fellas.

I bolted the intake down for good. I had to shorten some bolts first so it took a little longer than expected (as usual). I got most of the fuel system completed but I need a couple of things to finish it off. The carb linkage is done also but I still have to work on the throttle linkage.

Note the hose clamps. Ever seen em?

For those interested, you make those hose clamps yourself utilizing the below tool and safety wire. Fun :rolleyes:
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I need to take 2 trips; one to Florida to see your coupe and the Donrods family stable and a one trip to Texas to ride in a panel truck and a Chevelle.:D
Wonderful work on the details, Gas.

I need to take 2 trips; one to Florida to see your coupe and the Donrods family stable and a one trip to Texas to ride in a panel truck and a Chevelle.:D
Wonderful work on the details, Gas.

REALLY... we need a carvan to Florida to ride in Don & Gastrick's cars!!!

Awesome work as usual Gastrick!

Very Cool !! Like the others your attention to detail is awesome.
Not enough can be said about your work, Gastrick. Those clamps are such a cool touch.
I don't know how i missed this thread but glad i found it and read through it all. You do some amazing work. I hope i have half the fabrication talent you have once i start on my F1 build.
Thanks ratterman. You can do anything I can do. I'm just a backyard builder.

Not much in the line of photos to show for the work this weekend or from here on out. Just a bunch of small, time consuming tasks that won't show in pictures. My brother came over and we knocked much of it out. I may be looking at attempted fire up next weekend. We'll see.

Things we got done were:
Sliced, reshaped, welded road draft tube and installed it
Finished up the fuel lines with filter and regulator which I put under the car this time.
Made and installed the vacuum line for the tranny modulator
Re-routed some of the wiring
Changed to longer studs and installed the exhaust manifolds
Put the final tightening some hardware that had been left loose until other things were done
Started on the throttle linkage. Part of the bracketry has to be fabbed.

We also made these simple wire looms to keep the plug wires where I want them. I used the threaded wire cover stands to attach them. I have the factory wire covers and will probably eventually install them because they do more than just cover the wires. Right now I like the look of the wires sprouting out of the tubes. Looks racy to me.


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