Fess up!!! What kinda car did you drive in High School!?

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I had a very lightly used 74 Dodge Dart 2dr. It had the leaning tower of power! Took me 17 months to kill that car. somewhere i have a pic. bought a double snorkel hood from the old scrap guy for a 100.

maybe there should be a thread. How many cars did you kill as a teenager?

My total was 2.

Another dodge dart.

"Nothing is a dangerous as a teenage male with keys and gas money!"
high school ride

wish I had a photo...didn't think about that stuff then, was usually thinking about girls...lol, it was a rust bucket, remember installing an old baseball mit in a large rust hole on the rear quarter panel to fill the void. With a little perswasion, I gott'er crammed in there. Drove her like that for years. Guess at that time I missed bodywork 101 class. I was destin to be true ratrodder, use what you can find.
Does a 96 Honda CR250 race tuned bike count? I never had a street car in high school, just drove my dads truck and sometimes had to take the bus. I figured I didn't have the room to build a rat rod, and didn't want some Fast and furious ricer so I just saved my cash and didn't by a car.
My first

Drove a ‘67 Dodge coronet 440. Was a more door, and the badging scared people off, but in fact that was the body trim level, not the motor.
Had a 273 2 barrel tho , have lots of happy memories in that car.
Guy in a ‘71 Camaro took me to the junk yard, Halloween night 1978.
Been looking for the same car ever since
another one of them threads that is full of folks we haven't heard from in years. no matter how many years ago it was it was still a 73 impala 4 dr, with hijackers and a warmed up 350, best 1/4 mile time was a 15.001 so i say 15 flat. not bad for a kid that didn't know a thing but thought i did.
We need a "dredge"emoji!:D 12 year old thread but still viable!
The year was 1966. I was 15. Had a learners permit but wouldn't get operator's license till 16. I bought my own Jeep...1942 made by Ford. Paid for by mowing neighborhood lawns for $2 apiece..:rolleyes:
I rode the bus to school, all 12 years. I got into the ecology movement in HS (graduated 74), and actually didn't get my license until I was 18 1/2. First car was a 62 Chrysler Newport, with the 361. (It was the old family car.) But I was already 21. (Poor college kid. But hey, I paid up all of my debts, so don't look at me about this nonsense going on now.)
Never had a car, started off buying a brand new Honda SL125 trail bike. Spent all my savings from working after school and on weekends for 1.30 an hr - $800 bucks. Never had that much in the bank again for years. Didn't get a vehicle till I was 18, a 55 Chev big window 1/2 ton, 6cyl with the 4spd Hydramatic for $250. Bought it from my one and only employer, the same guy I built the yellow 37 Packard for.
12 year old thread, can’t believe it hasn’t shown up again until now!

1976, 16 years old, got a 67 Mustang, 200 I6 with a C4 automatic. Slug, wouldn’t get out of its own way. 1977, early part of my senior year, traded it on a 67 Mustang 289 C4. Thought I had a race car, lol! Would do a smoky one wheel burnout, ran pretty good at the drag strip, too. Kept it until the summer after I graduated, then sold it and bought a 68 Caprice 2 door from my uncle, I wanted the bigger bench seats for, er, extra curricular activities! It was a sled, had to carry around a gallon of oil it used so much. Only kept it about six months and it got traded on a 1974 Chevy Cheyenne Super pickup with a 454. Loved that truck, but about went broke buying gas and rear tires for it!

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