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Nov 24, 2011
Downtown Hooper, CO
I got a '63 Falcon Futura with a 170 Special I6...I'd like to find a 250 (same block, 80 more cubes). Anyone know what vehicles they came in other than 69-73 Mustangs?
1968-1976 Ford Ranchero
1968-1973 Ford Torino
1969-1973 Ford Mustang
1970-1977 Ford Maverick
1975-1980 Ford Granada
1968-1969 Mercury Comet
1972-1976 Mercury Montego
1975-1980 Mercury Monarch

170 and 200 are same block, 250 is different. 170 and 200 have a smaller bell housing bolt pattern, 250 has same pattern as small block 289-302 and 351W. AS far as I remember, been a while, nothing off a 170-200 interchanges with a 250, totally different motor.
Old post, but I built a 200 ages ago. Later 250s had what would be considered most of a SBF bell housing. I think the change came with E0 casting’s but I really don’t remember that detail. Earlier 250s did not. Cylinder heads will swap with a 200. They are otherwise the same basic block design. 250 deck is taller. An E0 head is the best flowing head. They were also available in really early Fox Mustangs.

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