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Man things have been crazy around here, between my laundry room remodel which is getting close, to the 53 Ford and my wife's wagon and all the other nonsense going on in the shop. I have barely had time to breathe. I do have a part-time employee at the moment which is helping out. And we have been busting a$$ on this van. I've been working on intercooler piping and trying to perfect my aluminum welding skills. Definitely getting better but still not 100% the way I want them. They're definitely strong enough just not the way I want them to look all the time. We've been painting and cleaning brackets, acquiring hardware that we need since I can't find a complete kit for this thing I'm piecing stainless bolts and nuts together. We started some wiring. The rear end is all back in it and bushings are painted and everything for the four link. Tonight I sat down and polished some of the bright work for the front of it and install the driver side vent bucket bug screen and headlight bezel. Looking good I think


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A little piping!


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sweet :)
I really don`t have a clue how you keep that many balls in the air...
Every time you share progress on one, you smack us around the ears with a new project... [S
Yeah, keep trying on those welds...they hurt my eyes... :D
sweet :)
I really don`t have a clue how you keep that many balls in the air...
Every time you share progress on one, you smack us around the ears with a new project... [S
Yeah, keep trying on those welds...they hurt my eyes... :D

They hurt mine too hahaha,

I never sit still. It's a real problem sometimes!
More pipe work. It's a squeeze!!


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Those welds look good!

Thanks buddy, they're definitely getting better. I've called with a lot of put them in the last couple weeks. Almost done with this part of the project. Waiting on one more 90 to go to the throttle body. Hopefully it shows up early next week. Also got a bunch of parts coming for the sending unit so I can set up the gauges to work with that, I got a modify the inlet for the fuel filler on the gas tank and then it will probably go get coated again. You can just see the bottom of it when the van's on the ground so I wanted to look pretty.

Still waiting on a couple pieces for the windows but we got them installed today. The wing windows were a pain in the butt to get set up properly to open and close but we got it


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Back on the van. Started working on mounting the AC goodies. When I built the underside structure of the dash I made it so I could easily fab mounts to set up the AC system. Also got the old fresh air inlet blocked off and installed the headlight trim


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Working on wiring


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Why is there a pedal car on the ceiling?
Why is there not LOL. There's actually three of them on the ceiling. One of them was mine when I was a kid one of them I bought and it was supposed to be a complete car and it was missing a bunch of pieces and the pink one you can see in that picture was my daughters. I built a wagon out of it so I can tote her around at car shows and whatnot. Best place to store them so they're out of the way and don't get hurt is on the ceiling
Yup, about blew my mind seeing it in that pic. Was trying to figure out if the pic was upside down or if it was actually on the ceiling.
Blue one I wore the tires off of as a kit. The state patrol car was an antique store purchase and the pink one is my daughters


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