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Never heard that either....

First time I have seen the phrase, "off the puck". I like it and plan on stealing it. Hope you don't mind.

Oh, the rat rod, glad you are back at it.

I've used Puck in other What the puck?...Where the Puck? Who the Puck?...lets get the Puck out of here! and some others that will remain unsaid....

Oh me...welcome back to working on the the Puck er... :D

Stripped the frame down and readying it for paint.....will post some pic's in the next week or two. I'm hoping to get paint on the frame before it cools off too much, then I can spend the cold months building the car for the last time!

Painted the underside of the floor today. POR, covered real nice and the stuff goes a long way. I've used it on a couple of builds before.


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It actually wasn't too bad to lift. It's heavy, but not hernia material..... My uncle, who is 75, and I stood it on the firewall. My son and I just set it down this morning. It's back onto the dolly now.....frame and suspension will get painted next weekend and the final assembly!

Then again, there's a saying around my brother is good at math, and I'm good at lifting heavy things.:D

Finally made it to assembly stage....frame and suspension is painted and going together. God it feels good to tighten things for once.


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It was almost too nice out today to work inside, but I found a few minutes....


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Front brakes

Front brakes are all on now, and just started the plumbing for them....


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Slowly making progress on the brake, Christmas and snow is slowing me down now....hopefully I'll make some progress over the holidays. I can't wait to get the body back on top of the frame so I won't be taking up two spaces in the shop!
a little more....

Well, I've been picking away it the Graham, in the midst of lots of other things. Brakes are all plumbed now, MC bled and ready to go. Front suspension is all aligned and bolted up. I want to do the rear end alignment before I install the motor or the body. Hopefully in the next couple of

Finally, getting moving on the Graham. I made the glass templates and had them all cut last week, and tonight I took the body up to the glass guy in town who is going to glue the 4 fixed windows in place. With any luck, the body is back on top of the frame this weekend!


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Body on

Thanks Doc! I'm trying to keep up. Life has been pretty busy for us, but I'm plugging away. If it would stop raining I could ease up on the grass cutting.

My wife and I did make it over to Syracuse for the nationals a couple of weeks ago - that certainly helped the inspiration level.

Picked up the body from the glass man on Wednesday - had to dodge a hail storm that scared the **** out of me. I had a moment of thinking I'd have to have the windshield replaced in my car while I was there!

Anyway, windows are all in, installed the frame gasket and dropped the body on to the frame. Couple of little jobs to do before I can bolt it down, but it feels great to be bolting up for the last time.


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Dash mocked up

Spent the day in the shop today, yahoo! Did some work on the dash, made up the insert out of a piece of copper I had left over.....drilled out a hole for the speedo and blinker lights as well. I think it turned out ok - I think I'll paint the dash, but leave the bezel and copper as it is. Thoughts?


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