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Gottkts - the frame horns are from "Mac's Antique Auto"..... It's a fantastic place (if you are a Ford guy), and only about an hour's drive for added bonus is that my gf LOVES to shop in the, so it works for both of us! These are 28-31 Model A horns, I had tried the 32+ truck repair horns, but I didn't like them at all.

Sam - which colour do you like? The oil rubbed bronze?
Thanks, may have to try them on my next project. Have you come any closer to a color or colors you want to paint it.
Little more progress today....front frames are capped off, and the horns are tacked in place. I also brought the roto-broach home from work for the weekend to bore the 3/4" holes I needed in the frame - for the body mounts. I'm not sure if you guys have ever used one of these, but they are the best way to bore a through hole....I drilled 8 3/4" holes in about 5 minutes....and that was taking my time.

Paint colour? While I do really like the oil rubbed bronze suggested, I'm leaning toward black on top, with the drab olive green sides....that was the original colour for the car...since I'm trying to keep it as original as possible :D


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Hello pictures to update this week, but have made a little progress - having drilled the holes in the frame for mounting the upper coil over mounts. I've been a little distracted lately.....had a weeks vacation down in Mexico, and am in the midst of building a "ground load" motorcycle trailer. One more day on the trailer build and I should be back at the Graham!
Those magnetic base drills are the cats meow [cl
I've never seen one that small. The ones I've seen are big and are used for drill holes in semi frames etc.
See what you've done, now I want one too :cool:
That color and tudor body are Gottkts's car, is that what you're talking about?

Bill's body is looking real good - like the windshield area. But, I really like that oil rubbed bronze paint (although I'm not usually a big fan of brown).

I do like the original green idea too.
Getting back at the car...between vacation, work and grass its hard to find time to keep maki g progress....that and I built a trailer to haul my motorcycle on. I made up the rear shock mounts and a new gusset over the master cylinder.
Update no update!

Good morning everyone....I haven't had any time to work on the car lately.....the motorcycle trailer turned out great and worked like a dream - hauled my bike to the east coast and rode the Cabot Trail - absolutely amazing scenery. I've just been too busy with the farm and all, since the passing of my Dad. Hopefully things will slow down soon, at least I know that with winter coming I'll have some time in the shop to make some progress once again....
Thanks Earthman...still no progress in the garage anyway....lots going on in my life....hopefully once winters here I will make some headway!
Just a few minutes spend on the car this weekend....welded six little patches in the door jambs where the old rubber bumpers used to be.


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Made a little progress recently.....front shock / headlight mounts have been installed and the frame is now complete, just waiting for some paint. I've been "off the puck" for long enough, time to get back at it!
First time I have seen the phrase, "off the puck". I like it and plan on stealing it. Hope you don't mind.

Oh, the rat rod, glad you are back at it.

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