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Out of curiosity, what does it cost to have the dash woodgrained? It looks really good.

That was $400.00 Canadian, not super cheap but way nicer than I could have done....

That grungy old FE cleaned up nicely! [cl[cl[cl

Didn't it though? Couldn't get it to start last night, popping and farting - in the middle of the night the light bulb turned on in my brain(Fords better idea??) - the distributor turns the opposite direction of a Chevy, I had the plug wires on all wrong. Corrected that this morning, bada boom, bada bing, started right up!:D
Engine is running, all systems working optimally :) Making 70lbs oil pressure, the only internal mod to it so far was the high volume Melling oil pump. Those glaspacks and 2 1/2" exhaust really bark - I like it!!:cool:
Doors are on and the rest of the Dynamat on them and the floor. Rest of the body parts go on tomorrow, windows, and seats, then maybe a test drive....



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That looks awesome!

Oil filter brand choice aside, a Napa Gold filter would be black and would blend in to the engine :D. I don't have much like for FRAM oil filters, though.

Ha, ha, no worries, I have a nifty finned aluminum cover coming for it to hide the Framness.....:D
Also gonna spray bomb the red distributor cap black. :cool:
Well folks, it moves under its own power!! :D Lots more to do but just driving it out the door is a real milestone. First time I've driven a standard in 30+ years, fun stuff! Bugs to work out of course, timing too advanced, and the front Panhard rod mount on the axle is no good, wiggly - made for an interesting drive down the road in high gear (sqirrely:eek:), all easy fixes - I never expect perfection right off the bat. :eek:
I decided to black out the grille, tail lights and headlights (still need to fit Halogen bulbs in them). At this point the headlight reflectors are just polished brass, I might keep them like that, keeping to the brass trim theme....
The last pic is at ride height.



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More test driving today, got the front turn signals installed and mounted halogen bulbs in the headlight reflectors.
Took the opportunity to get a couple pics with its older brother - I think theres a family resemblance...:rolleyes:
Got an old Pyrene fire extinguisher from fleabay and mounted it up for a rad catch can.



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