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Loaded up the Hercules and driving to Yuma Az! First pic is at Dry Falls in Washington, heading south toward Soap Lake. Then the fun started - blew a tire on the trailer, being a couple old farts, we didn't even notice until someone drove by and yelled as us, pointing at the trailer :eek:
Crawled back into Soap Lake 1/2 mile and popped it off - of course we forgot to bring a spare, had to go to Les Schwab 5 miles away to buy a new tire and wheel. While I was doing that, a local rodder stopped by, talked to my bud that stayed with it and brought a spare he got from a buddy, floor jack , then went back with us to Les Schwab in Ephrata Wa. Super great dude, his buddy stopped by too, they have small car club - everybody seemed to know each other, the classic good 'ol small town thing, car guys are the same all over, so great to connect with other like minded people and make new friends! Got into Boise Idaho 4 hrs late, crashed out and boogied to St George Utah today - ahhh, palm trees and sunshine!
Heading out tomorrow to Yuma Az , more road pics to come...:cool:



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Ya know ya got the last mile out of a tire when it looks like ours :D
Hot rodders are all over the place and are good people :cool:
Dang. You where only an hour from me. Would have been cool to meet up! Hope the rest of the trip goes smoother!!
With a well set up tandem axle trailer, it is hard to tell when a tire blows unless you see it. I did the same thing years ago. A buddy that left after me and was catching up, pulled up beside me and gave me the word. Pulled over and changed it and never looked back. I did notice when I went to stop however, as my surge brakes were on the axle that had the flat. :D
My buddy Al came with me to Yuma for some of that southern sun, been driving the Herc around town - seems like everything is working OK, it likes the desert air :cool:
And a Yuma sunrise



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A couple pics from the Cloud Museum in Bard California, just a short jaunt from Yuma, tons of T's and cool old stuff like the aged aftermarket lenses on a T, 47 Ford fuel truck, 30 sumthin' Dodge school bus. Stopped in at the nearby Imperial date farm for a date shake (which they did no longer make :mad:) - testing the Hercules' suspension with super crappy asphalt roads - all part of the rodding experience....
87 degrees F today:cool:



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