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Been working on adding to the cab framing, boring but necessary on a scratch build like this. Added tube pieces to the doorframes to create a ledge for the weatherstrip to seat on, also framing around the front and rear windows for a seal to fit against as both front and back windows will be hinged to tip out - flow thru ventilation! :cool:
Also added tubing to the top plates for more stiffness. Once the top wood is in, I'll add 3 crossmembers to help tie it together and screw the top strips to. My idea is to have the top wood exposed on the inside like a woody wagon...



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I love working with old tin and re-making it into my version of 'correct' for sure. But with this kind of build, I'm not having to fit stuff into a existing body, I just make the chassis how I want it, mount the drivetrain where I like and build around it. The biggest thing to keep in mind is looking ahead to where things go and how they relate to finished concept, trying to make it look cool, be comfortable to drive and not end up looking "unique" - (polite word for weird-o)
Mounted the pedals today, used all the F100 parts, just had to move things around a little [;)
Brake pedal arm needed reshaping and I shrunk the pedal pad down to the size of the clutch pedal, shortened the column 7". 1/4" plate and 1' x 1/8" tubing to mount it so no bolts thru the firewall. Made a simple recessed lower mount from exhaust tubing with a pinch bolt, this moves the u-joint back into the firewall to get it away from the head and rear pipe, might get lucky and not need to cut any pipes for steering shaft clearance. :) Steering wheel came today, right on time. The third u-joint just came so tomorrow I'll find out how that works out, hopefully finish the steering.
Have to put on my thinking touque to come up with the bellcrank mechanism to mount the master cylinder sideways under the dash...[S[S



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ZZ, that looks great [cl
I'll be steeling some of that info, I don't have much room for the brake master or steering column,[P Thanks
Lot's of great idea's here, ZZ.
I'm with Mac on stealing the recessed steering U joint.
I'm 100 percent with you on the therapy part. Just spent 3 hours in the shop and felt the best I have in month's. Of course tomorrow may be another thing entirely. I'll let my PT deal with that.:eek: :D
[P [P [P
Steering is complete - it's squeaker but a miss is as good as a mile I figure :cool: No header mods needed - pure luck in that situation...


Ever have 'made to fit' parts that don't fit??The headers are made for this engine/trans combo but the clutch throwout arm hit the collector flange and on the pass side the collector hit the bellhousing. I performed a collectorectomy (new word!!) and added 3" to each, angling them out of the way at the same time.



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