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20231025_162902.jpgFall in New Mexico, love it [cl
Last weekends final camping run of the year


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Gee wiz Dozer....hope you have your long johns on! 50 here today but we have had tons of rain. No flooding with the exception of lots of water in the back yard. We got water in the house a couple years ago so when I hear rainfall of over 3-4" I get a lil jerky. New Septic System and some drainage work here come spring / summer.
In SWCT we have been getting lots of rain. About 1 foot in the past 6 weeks. Been here 38 years and my yard has flooded more in this time period. My Son is a civil eng. Spring project is to do something about drainage. Jim


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Not too bad yet. But this is Bama, things will change!
We’re finally catching up on last years rain deficit, got another 1” yesterday. Today and tomorrow are kinda quiet days, then look out Monday!
Weather guessers are saying we could get 2” of snow in my area, up to 6” just north of me. I’m sorta in a transition zone, we may get snow, we may get all rain, worse case we get freezing rain. But that’s not even the worst of it, temps drop below freezing by Tuesday morning, close to 10* above, with wind chills in the minus numbers. Supposed to stay below freezing until at least Thursday, then a slight warm up and then more rain, or frozen precipitation and temperatures in the teens or lower. Too cold for this country boy! About ready to move to the Fl keys for a couple of months!
Last night (Friday) the wind howled all night. It was so loud in our upstairs master BR I took shelter in the guest BR on the back side of the house. This morning I woke up to huge drifts in front of the garage and on the driveway that needed to be plowed before I could go anywhere.
On Wed we ended up about 4" from an all night rain/snow mix storm. The temps stayed pretty much at 32 degrees, day or night.
Got that mess cleared off of my 19' x 88' long driveway, and the roughly 100' of sidewalk in front of my house with the snow blower on Thursday morning.
Then we got a little break before it started snowing again around midnight Thursday night. This one started as a rain/snow mix at 32 degrees again, but then the temps slowly started to drop. It snowed all day Friday, finally ending around 4 in the morning. The temps have kept dropping, and the wind picked up.

My snow blower has a 24" high (and 24" wide) shoot for the snow to enter into it. With the amount of snow and the amount of blowing snow, most of the driveway and walks had just under that 24" shoot opening. It was a workout even with the snow blower doing most of the work. When the snow is that deep, you pretty much have to keep forcing it forward even though it is self propelled. When the snow is blowing across the driveway like it was today, you have to blow all the snow to one side. That means that with every pass, you are adding to the snow pile from the line you are clearing. Those last few passes are difficult to clear. Our current outside temp is -5 F with a wind chill in the -25 to-30 range. Winds are suppose to die down sometime Mon morning.

Its been a pretty mild winter up until now.

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