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After spending 4 hours yesterday clearing drifts from Friday nights wind.

I woke up this morning to 12" of fresh snow. It's supposed to snow again tonight plus get down to -9F.
Remember about a week ago that I said, "all you guys should move up here so you could see beautiful sunrises even if you sleep in, it'll be fun".

Well, maybe not. Don't listen to me. It got too cold for humans all of a sudden.


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We got 1/4” of ice/ snow mix last night, shut the north half of the state down. We don’t get around good with that on the roads, too many hills and bridges. Low temp last night was about 15*, supposed to hit 11* tonight before going up to the mid 30’s by tomorrow afternoon. Another round of cold air by the weekend, then we start a warming trend with highs going back up to the 60’s by Wednesday, I can’t wait until then!
On Monday morning I had to go just outside of the City for work. I saw -38°c on the way, and it was -35°C the entire time I was there. A good portion of the work was outside. Yesterday morning we were a full 20°C warmer.

For those who haven't experienced that cold, if you touch metal with your bare hand in those temps it nearly instantly feels very similar to as if your skin is burning. Amazing how after a week of that, -15°c or even -25°c feels very tolerable.
We had an inch or snow yesterday, then freezing rain, rain, back to snow. Everything froze solid last night. Bringing in the garbage can and hit a patch and landed on my back. A little sore. Tomorrow should be interesting. Be careful all in the cold zones. Seems like most of the country is in the ice box. Jim
Actually got down to 8*F last night here. Neighbor’s dog drug part of the insulation off my outside spigot line, it froze and burst about 4AM. I had to let it spray until about 11AM until it got above freezing a while to fix it. Just capped it off until spring. Even with a thick pair of nitrile gloves on my hands got COLD! By the time I got it capped and insulated again, my hands were so cold they were hurting. Had to hold them over the stovetop burner to get them warm again. Not supposed to be that cold again soon, mostly high teens and low 20’s, so I hope it doesn’t bust again.
Well it finally got above freezing here! Overall it's been a very mild Winter so we'll probably had a blazing hot Summer like we did last year! I actually had to feed my cows during last Summer because it was so hot nothing would grow!

Winter is officially here in Central Florida, 34 degrees at this writing and going up to
By Wednesday it will be 81....

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