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I'm in San Diego on vacation and it's raining cats, dogs and a lot of other small animals.
Today was the first day in two weeks we got above 16 degrees F, made it up to 30. Cloudy, windy and dampness in the air, it was not real nice. Suppose to have snow/freezing rain tomorrow.
CT weather is very different depending on where you are today. Coast is mid 30s and wet while inland just a few miles is bringing icy roads with temps below freezing. Jim
Last Monday I had to work outside in the morning. It was -35°C (-31°F). Today, at the same time of day it was +1°C (34°F). We're supposed to be even warmer later this week. Our weather has gone crazy.
Raining like cats & dogs here for the last 3 days! We moved from Houston because of the hurricanes & flooding & bought a place on a hill... 225 ft above sea level & 125 miles from the coast! Our pond was nearly empty... now it's nearly full!

Nice, low 40’s a few clouds. Another storm due in on Thur. Lots of rain they say? Hang on Tripper, you’ll get for the weekend 🤔
We got out of the deep freeze and into the tropics! About 4” of rain since Monday, expect another 1” tomorrow. At least the temps got back up into the 60’s. Next week supposed to be dry and highs in the upper 50’s to low 60’s. Spring is about 7 weeks away!
Holy! We would have major flooding with that much rain!
We're near the top of a hill that slopes down to two big pastures! They rarely flood but behind us is a big corn field and a big grazing pasture with a nice creek & big pond at the back! Both of those properties were underwater! I learned my lesson in Houston! The Colorado river is about 5 miles from us & people who live on the river get high water a lot!

The weather channel says we got to 38 degrees today, currently 34. The last several days have been in the mid 30s, most of our snow has melted. Suppose to be in the mid 30s to low 40s the next week or more. Winter will probably return in mid Feb.
Well, I’m in Kentucky so it’s wait five minutes and the weather will change on you. We have had some really strange weather lately. Outside in a T-shirt. Next day it snows, then warms up again, etc..
Warmest, most snowless winter in my 82 years. Loving it. First Robins showed up today. The Cardinals are singing, cruising for chicks.
Here on the Western slope of Colorado it's been a mostly average winter until the last couple weeks of February. At that point Spring type temperatures started about a month early although it is supposed to snow all this coming week. I'm here working while my wife is in AZ sending me pictures of trees with leaves starting to come out.

Below is my reality. Hope to get down to AZ soon for a week or two.

Yesterday in SW Connecticut it was 68F breaking all time records. Looking at 50s today. Very little snow again this year. Never needed any 4WD. Took the snowblower out once just because. Never used it last year. Jim

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