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Dug through some storage boxes and found some goodies!! I knew I had a set of original hub caps. My wheels shipped and should be here Friday!


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I got a couple minutes when I got home to work on the truck. I started running airlines until I ran out. I ordered more but they're not supposed to be here till Friday so I will probably go down into town and pick up some from our local truck supply store. I also started to fit the shifter just because I was worried about how it was going to match up with my current transmission tunnel. It actually fit way better than I have anticipated. I just have to rock the shifter all the way forward and it will fit nicely


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Well my wife had surgery early this week, so she is at home resting and I have been helping her out. I got a little time today to dink with the truck while I was waiting for the girls to get off the bus. I got airlines ran pretty much all over the truck. Waiting for my new front bags to come in to hook those up. The back ones are staying the same and they are plumbed in. Also got my new upper adjustable control arms in so those will be installed this weekend. I will get the rest of the plugs I need for the distribution block for the air ride and it will get installed this weekend also. I got two out of the four wheels from Detroit steel today. My least favorite shipping company UPS decided to leave one in Spokane this morning and then another one in the Yakima terminal.. so one front and one back got on the truck today. They look sick!


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Thanks guys, the wife is doing good. She wanted to venture from the house today, so she came to the shop for an hour or so today. My oldest helped my bolt down the valve block for the air ride. We also ran some wiring. I went out later and finished up the main feed line from the compressor to the tank and installed one new a arm


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Always loved the look of that truck glad to see you giving it some well deserved love.

Thanks dozer. It has been hard seeing it sit. But y'all know life gets in the way sometimes. I figured I couldn't put on a show this summer that includes a cruise and not have it on the road!!!
Truck is looking great! I like the wood finish, the burn came out nice. The wheels are a really nice choice too. How will the original style cap be held on?
Truck is looking great! I like the wood finish, the burn came out nice. The wheels are a really nice choice too. How will the original style cap be held on?

Thanks. The hub caps will be attached to a smaller set of new ones. I believe they are 7.5" caps that fit these wheels. I did a similar trick Tina 48 GMC I built for a guy a few years back.
The girls stayed with my dad and stepmom last night. So the wife and I went for a walk this morning to get her out of the house, we stop by the shop on the way back up to the house. I got about an hour to tinker with the truck. I got my new upper adjustable control arms on. Much better pinion angle


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Got my hubcaps then I ordered from Amazon. Sometimes you get a love Amazon. Ordered them yesterday got them today they weren't supposed to show up till Tuesday. Took a couple minutes and chucked one up in the lathe scribed it so I could cut it to fit the original hubcap. They press fit in their decent so I will be able to tack them in with no problem. Should work flawlessly


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