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Mar 16, 2008
Loveland OH
i have been super busy lately and not a lot of time to post much. i have really been working on a lot metal shaping type projects. so this thread will be devoted to just that. thanks for looking

making a 37 ford coupe deck lid skin

thanks for the kind words guys. if there is anyone who wants to learn more about metal shaping, i do offer classes a few times a year. the next class is July 30 & 31

working on some handmade 30-31 coupe 1/4s

started making a 1 piece mini tubbed inner wheel wells for a model a coupe. these are nice since they are one piece with the inner, the lip, and the outer bead to repair the entire wheel well 1 shot

made a buck to repeat the part later

panel laid out

first set of shrinks on the hammer

second set of shrinks

third set of shrinks

after plannishing out the shrinks

then i had to stretch the flange back out


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