My rusty/ratty 1948 Chevrolet truck

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I made it to Louisville, but the truck didn't.

Dad said the trans was leaking fluid and he didn't want to risk it. By the time I found out he wasn't making the 250 mile drive from his house to was too late for me to do anything about it.

I have two more weekends between now and frog follies to fix little things.
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Dad was hot rodding around the neighborhood and somebody called the cops on him.

They didn't figure out who he was or where he lived, but they were driving around for quite a while and set up radar in the area for a couple of days.

He dodged the bullet that time, but didn't want to get it out with the loud pipes we made silencers from left-over hearder tubes and other misc junk.

They look like crap, but they work good and can be removed in 15 seconds.




Neat job on the silencers. If they work then all's good. And to think Dad probably got on you about that when you were younger,,,,:D:D:D

Was nice meeting you in Louisville. :cool: Hope you get the truck to Evansville. I'm sure it'll draw it's share of attention.
It was nice meeting you too.

I also modified the air cleaner base so that it was no longer now clears the distributor cap/plug wires.




Outstanding,,,,that's all I can say :cool::cool:. I know that has to make the dissapointment of missing Louisville go away. The Follies is always such a cool show. Looks like your parked just up from where I was last year. I know you got more pics, so let's see 'em !!!!! :D:D
Actually, I didn't take any others. I took one to prove I was there, put the camera away to go to the swap meet, and forgot about it.
Did some tweaking on the carb and fixed some oil leaks on the motor that sat for 10+ years. It is ready for the road now.

Dad is going to make the drive from Memphis, TN to Bowling Green, KY for Goodguys. Anybody else gonna be there?
The rust and the ride height has played hell on my front fenders. I came up with a new band-aid. I made a reinforcement.

I didn't think there was enough solid metal to weld to, so I screwed the fender to the brace. A little acid will knock the shine off of the screws. Right now it looks like it was hit with one of those jeweled stud kits off of TV.


Bowling Green was hot and humid, but we still had fun.


I parked next to a really cool little modified on Saturday afternoon. Simple, neat car.



For shatzandgiggles, we drove it to the show and shine judging tent. :)

Judge told me that that the car with the absolute lowest score wins rat rod.... They didn't call my name as a winner. I guess that is a good thing.

Thanks for the coverage Flipper. You're all over the place in that truck now. It's cool to watch build thread then see the finished vehicle out and about getting some use.
My brother-inlaw and me looked at that little T for a long time its not often you see that much detail and craftmanship on something so simple as I told you before you're trucks COOL.

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