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Jan 13, 2018
South West CT
Driving home from work on Thursday with my Wife’s Mustang when a guy in a Jag runs a stop sign to my right. I slam so hard on the brakes that I felt the antilock kick in. I don’t think I was 2 seconds away from being T boned. I stop in the intersection see the Jag and go after him. Roll next to him and I’m like what the hell is wrong with you. He rolls his window down and apologizes to which I said pay more attention to what you are doing. Good bet he was on the phone. I was rattled after that and still feel uneasy. I was very “tentative” driving yesterday and think it will be like that for a while. Be careful out there. Distractive driving is an epidemic. Jim
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I'm seeing a lot of crash videos on my phone lately. Mostly from dash cams. With my advancing age and seeing these crashes, I'm more cautious than ever.
Glad your safe, to m any people driving around and not paying attention to what they are doing.
Glad you had a near miss...the older I get the less I enjoy driving...

When I was a kid it was way more fun than now...too many more cars on the road and too many morons as well...

Dude... I see people driving 80+ & weaving in their lane on the highway & pull up next to them & guess what they're doing?!? On their damn phone... where are the cops when you need um!


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