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METRO !!!!!! Oh I'm so jealous [ddd;):D

Well, at least it was good while it lasted. Maybe when stuff sets
there for a while, the guy will have a change of heart.

Maybe when stuff sets
there for a while, the guy will have a change of heart.


this has happened. my understanding is they had originally priced a 55 two ton cab to my buddy for $300, then rescinded all offers in hopes of more. after a couple months, they "I'll show him"'d and took it to SCRAP. and at scrap prices probably got $200. keep in mind my buddy was paying 300 for the CAB, so they would have still gotten almost 200 for what was left. probably spent 30 bucks on gas hauling it.

so they called my buddy and did we want to come look some more? I told him to tell them to go find your self, or something else that had those same GFYS initials any way.

I am still salty about that ford, I recently got a 51 front clip for cheap that would look amazing.
Thanks for taking us along! Good thing my friend I'm building the Packard for doesn't know about this, he's a certified International nut, at one time having over 100 Travelalls and nearly as many Scouts :eek:
The bike is a Honda, maybe a 305, mid 60's.
woow thats awesome !!.. love to find one those here,, i could be lost for day!..

when i was a lad, my dear old Ma had a Simca pale blue this one was, .. thanks that bought back some teenage naughtiness
yeah the metro came from a small town northeast, my brother made the deal and had a shipper pick up both it and the b100

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