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Nov 5, 2015
I picked up my new daily driver today. 1976 bmw 528. I`ve been looking for one of these "first fives" for a while. My very first car was one of these and I`ve owned 6 over the years and they just fit me like a glove. They are getting really hard to find nowadays. It has some rust issues so next week or so it will go into the shop for partial tear down and repairs. I drove it home 100mls today without any problems, so that`s a good start. :)


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My dad had one back in the day & loved it! It was really fast & would eat highway like nobody's biz!!! Congrats!!!

Thanks guys. I`m happy with it. It was a real treat to drive it home. Been too long :D

Thanks for yer concern Bob. I`ve been busy chasing some medical issues lately and the search for the working meds has been a bumpy road.

LB; nope... hahaha
My daughter had a 5 series. Tried to get her to let me have it for a doner but she traded it in. I liked the modular suspension bolted to the frame. So simple to bolt to rectangular tubing. Hope you are getting your medical probs taken care of Dutch.
Found 2 previous attempts of body repair. The lower front valance and one door corner. I already found an unmolested valance with some rust issues so I`ll fix that. Pulled the doors today to get me some better access to the inside for rust repairs to the floors and rear wheel housings.
Almost every panel has rust that needs to be dealt with. Mostly nothing dramatic but it will take some time to get it all fixed :rolleyes:
Kinda weird; The floors on the drinker side are like new. The driver side is crap, front to back... [S
still need to remove the fuel tank ,then the party begins [;)[;)[;)


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I had a bunch of sound deadening to remove from the floors but I finally got a start with the body repairs. Both A-pilars have rust in the lower part. Looked like a decent place to start. One side done.

It`s been 15 yrs or so since I last had one of these bmw`s. I`m stunned what that time did to parts supply and prices. wowsers... :eek:


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It`s not that difficult, it takes a bunch of time. I hope I can, but I will try to speed up things once I get to the carpet covered parts and such.... After all, this will be my daily and won`t go to a museum any time soon. I just hate rot and I hate bondo.

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