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Dec 12, 2008
Durban, S.Africa
nu build starting, long story so I'll start with some pics . Had a nice hot rod 64 to start with that I built over the last 5 yrs. Traded some work 4 it, was a rolling project, already chopped and back halved frame, I don't have any talent in those areas, i just plumbed it, wired it and did the drive train, oh yea,20 cans of Ace satin black. As you see it was flamed in last photo. This was built on a small budget, trading work 4 all the stuff I needed farmed out. Only talents I have are Upholstery and I'm a pretty decent house builder, and seems e1 needs upholstery or a addition to their shop,lol. My idea is to take a 55 1st series 3/4 T wrecker I have from my dad ( used to get into Saugus races free if we brought the wrecker to tow the wrecks off the track) and mount the body and the boom on my 64 1/2 T chassis using what is salvagable


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I haven't seen any hot rod tow trucks b4 so maybe i"ll start a new trend,lol Well getting the body off the 55 was a job but we got her done. now just get all the burned stuff off the 64 that I wont be needing. Cleaned up the frame, cut off anything I wasn't using and got it painted with POR black, dang a little can covers a lot. Sold the burned cab to a guy in Phoenix that thought he would make a rat rod outta it (can't wait to see that build) I mocked up the body and motor/trans to see where it needed trimming, only a little trim 4 the tranny was needed as the motor was already moved 4" forward in chassis. Made body mounts and got them welded in, new front core support and steering box crossmembers.


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fire pix

heres some fire pix 4 the guys that need em


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so far

Ok , got the body mounted, fenders n hood lined up, gee, 64 track is a little wider than the 55, no problem i'm starting a new trend so cut the fenders and make some room 4 em :eek: . so what I think it looks cool, anyway had to replace the front bags and tires as they were not fireproof, these tires were near new so I'm going with em, may put some 12x15 mudders on the back , :Dmay may get in free at the local dirt track :D


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Post a pic of the fenders sometime after you've cleaned up the weld burn and such. I think that's gonna look real good.
Need to get her inside so I can replace the floor pans, but got the seat done. Making the inside nice, but the body is not getting touched outside :p:p


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    interiors 001.jpg
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Nice work on the seat. I have to pay dearly for work like that. I too am looking forward to more pics as you move along on the truck build.
I like the fender cut out, and the seat. You could almost flare a lip on that fender edge.
Just hate to see the front tires get fender cuts. I really like the look as is.
I like the fender cut out, and the seat. You could almost flare a lip on that fender edge.
Just hate to see the front tires get fender cuts. I really like the look as is.

thx 4 the kind words guys, I'll get more pix but I welded 3/8 rebar inside the fender radius so it won't flop around or cut the tires;)
the rig

here's the boom I will mount on a small flatbed, ramesy winch ,v-belt drive off a starter motor


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in the shop...let it snow

:D got her inside now, can get some more done, need to repair the floors. the beauty of air bags gasser or pan dragger,lol :D MERRY XMAS GANG:D


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