Skip's 39 Ford PU. How it happened

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Skip, I watch my rad and grille shell dance sideways a lot on rough roads because I have no hood on my '36 truck. I was surprized at that, so OI was good to speak up. Your rubber spacers will soften the jarring. Keep on tinkering.
I agree, and I'll be watching for this issue once it is on the road. There isn't much in the way of spare room, that's for sure.
Glad to see it coming together so quickly. [P[P
Glad I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read this, Dozer. I started collecting pieces for this project about 10 years ago! :D Its always been something to play with when I was in the mood. I'm glad the process is speeding up a bit though. I really am, and I appreciate everyone's patience and encouragement. the RRR/UDS gang rocks! [cl[cl[cl
Your truck is looking good brother. Keep beating on it and you might just find a point where you're happy with it and drive the hound out of it.
Had to take a couple days off to do domestic chores. Laundry, mowing lawns, trimming trees. Spring $h*#. Then there is the blackberry invasion that I have barely touched.

The front lawn was up to my @$$, literally! Well only in some spots, but still. I had to get a new mower. Went electric. Love it. Lighter, quieter, easy to push around. I got a great deal on Amazon. I'm so "green". :D

Then the Dodge wouldn't start when I went to move it to finish the lawn. Battery wouldn't charge. Have you ever put a battery in a Dodge Stratus while sitting in foot tall grass. (Google it) Yea, when you live alone, and have good neighbors, you get to park on the lawn. I call it a "green driveway". :D I even let the neighbors park on the lawn when they have big family events.

So, with luck, I'll get back on the 39 tomorrow. Its close. Real close.
Can’t wait to see it finished!
Me, too. Well, in reality there are still things I want to improve on, like the turn signal and tail lights. The ones on it now are temporary. (cheap HF tow lights) They work, but zero class. But for now, its get it together and running smoothly, then take it to the DMV for their blessings.

Today, I got the grille and surround put back on, and installed the temporary turn signal lights. That done, I put it back on the ground, and found a flat tire. Not the best way to lower the front end. So I aired it up and discovered a bad valve stem. Spent an hour looking for a valve stem tool. I know I have several. Finally found a valve stem cap with the tool on it. Changed the valve stem and aired the tire up again. This tire has always had a leak issue. Maybe I finally found/fixed it. I'll know tomorrow.

Tomorrow, its check it all over, add fluids as needed, and get back to seeing if it will run right.
Bad words. Bad words. Bad words. But really, things happen to the best of us, and I can't claim that status. :D

I got everything checked out and couldn't find any more little things that needed to get fixed before adding coolant and cranking it. So, decided to add just water first, just to make sure I didn't leave anything loose. Short story shorter, there is a leak in the front left side of the radiator where I can't see it. So, I started pulling the front sheet metal back off, while thinking "Why didn't I think to do this test before I put it all back together?" Because a new radiator isn't supposed to leak, thats why! Unless I made a hole in it. Or its defective. Or... Well, I decided I am was not in the mood to take the truck apart at the moment. I'll work on it tomorrow after my dentist appointment. :D Hopefully, its an easy fix. I watched a couple videos on repairing holes in aluminum radiators, and it looks doable. I'll know tomorrow. :D

Here are a couple pics with the front sheet metal on and the truck sitting on the ground. It will be one or two inches lower when the suspension settles. The last two are my solution for what to do with mangled side panels. Covers the sides of the radiator.


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Sorry 'bout the rad, Skip. :mad:

Good thing you filled it with water... epoxies and/or TIG welders don't play well with contaminated aluminum!

Sorry 'bout the rad, Skip. :mad:

Good thing you filled it with water... epoxies and/or TIG welders don't play well with contaminated aluminum!

True story. Condolences accepted. I'm hoping epoxy will do the trick. I'd love to have a TIG, and know how to use it, though. ;)
Don't lose your cool now Skip!:D It's so close and looks really good. Good luck with the rad repair.
No chance, my friend. I'm on this bad boy now. I just knew when it was time to quit yesterday. Dentist this morning, then back at it today or tomorrow at the latest.

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