Took my engine to the machine shop.

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I just noticed that Don. The ones I've sent them just happened to be all Fords. I guess I got lucky and didn't ship them a Chevy cam. I just emailed them asking if they know of anyone that does non-Ford. I'll let you know when they answer. Thanks.
About 10-15 years ago I helped a friend and his dad with their stock car. We never followed Comp Cams break-in procedure, we'd get the motor installed make sure it fired and ran properly then head to the race track. He run the race, which would be about 15 minutes going from 3000-7200 rpm and we never had a problem. I do remember one time we went through all the time to follow the break-in procedure to the tee and the cam didn't last one night on the track.

But I've heard people that do the break-in procedure and never have any problems. You're mileage may vary, lol.
I'm gonna throw one more thing out here, not necessarily directed at Don, but all my RRR friends. I hope I'm not just stating the obvious but - If you can find a "modern" block to begin your build with, you will be way ahead of the curve. At least as far as SBC or SBF, a roller cam block generally gets you all the good stuff right off the bat. Cylinders that are round with less wear because instead of a carb with a choke washing cylinders they were FI. Better connecting rods and pistons that probably will have less mileage, easy one piece rear main seal and the kicker, a hydraulic roller cam set up. Yeah, the cams are a little more money but, no special oil and they make great power. At my favorite speed shop the owner will try his BEST to talk you out of a hydraulic flat tappet or solid flat tappet cam because he has seen this very same issue play out time and time again.
Here's what I got from Camresearch:

Although we haven't advertised it online, we do offer the service for small and big block Chevy engines. Would this help you out? If so, give us a call anytime at 303-762-0022 with any questions.

Thanks for the email!

Cam Research

So, you Chevy guys can do your cam break-in the easy way, too.

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