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It's just a little surface rust!
Jul 3, 2008
Northern Illinois
Due to my work and family schedule this past year, I've only been to 2 local cruises. Not to mention my lack of garage time! So when I heard about the show at Macungie Pa. I knew I had to go no matter what. I started out early, stopped for gas so I wouldn't have to delay any more, when I was coming back outside of the station after paying for my fuel, I lost it on the curb and went down hard on the concrete. Sitting there or rather laying there, I'm waiting to feel the pain from a broken ankle, but only marginal pain. Just a bad sprain. I can still make it! I drive off to the local wall mart and hobble inside to get an ace bandage, yeah, that'll help. I make it to the show 2 and a half hours later and have to park about 5 blocks away. Man it hurts by now. BUT I'M HERE!. I wander around for most of the day too. Figure I'll pay the price tommorow, so what. Grab a burger and rootbeer(something I hardly ever do), sit at the grandstand and listen to the band. Yellowjackets are swarming most of us with food, what a pain. They seem to want my rootbeer, can't have it though, except for the one who was near the palm of my right hand that I didn't see. You guessed it, stung me in the palm. Man what else can go wrong today, I must not be livin right!:D I made it home safely and my wife can't figure out if I'm obsessive, neurotic about cars, or just plain crazy. Anybody else have this sickness?:eek:..As soon as my computer gets fixed, I'll post some pics of a lot a rats and a few race cars. Kinda long, I know, but nothing else to do while the swelling goes down.....CR:D
I'm having a bad day, too, CR,......... wife is trying to sell her '95 Gran Prix and wouldn't you know it, bloody thing wouldn't start !! And we had a guy here with cash in hand . But, your day sounded worse. Hope the swelling goes down from that yellow jacket sting, and look forward to seeing some pix from the show. By the way, how was the burger ??
I've had a rough time before going to, and during a show. After it was over though, all I really thought about were the cars at the show.....and all was well. Did the bees steal your camera or did you get some photos? :D
I knew about the bees and soda, but that's all they had and I was thirsty!....I managed to get my camera from the mad bees:D... My computer is down and I'm using my daughter's for a few more days, as soon as mine is up I can load the pics.....Some good ones too!...........Funny thing is most of the crowds were around the rats!.......CR:eek:
Sorry about the rough spots. As for the sickness,,,don't worry my friend, your amoungst friends here. We all have said sickness. Sorry,,, No cure.
Hope you enjoyed the show otherwise.
Reminds me of that song - "It's a good day to kick somebody's ass!" :) Every day is just about like that for me these days! I got stung by a yellow jacket last Weds. right between my left thumb and forefinger on that flap of skin. I put my hand down on a wheel barrel handle and there he was! Man it hurt!!!! It hurt for three days!! It throbbed like hell actually! The damn thing still itches too. Then I forgot my insect repellent and the chiggers made a feast out of my right ankle and foot on a volunteer project I'm doing. At least 10 bites within 3 inches of each other. Chiggers are one of the most irritating insects alive next to mosquito's which I get my fair share of those too. I messed up my rotater cuff again, I might need physical therapy, My computer crashed last week, I got dropped by my insurance Co. yesterday because I can't afford to add my son to the policy right now. So he loses his license unfortunately until he gets a job to pay for it which is how it should be anyway. Then there's the constant bickering with the soon to be ex. I'm still on unemployment and I owe my son $500.00! These are just the beginning of the issues for me. Hang in there guys, they say it'll get better. I know it will - the Redneck Rumble is almost here!! :cool:

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I had a GREAT time at the show, foot or no foot. Damn Thunder, Hope everything goes better for ya. I wasn't complaining, I was just stating what had happened on an other wise good day!. How can ya have a bad day when you're going to a car show?.............CR:rolleyes:

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