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finished up the Y pipe on the 01 S10 5.3 customers truck and shipped it, assembled some SBC heads, went to a graduation party for a friends daughter from college, rescued 3 baby squirrels without a mother, almost finished ripping apart a C4 vette I am parting out, had sunday dinner with the family. Oh and finished cutting the lawn.
Finally finished my El Camino. Going for state inspection this afternoon. Too late model to be considered a rat rod I suppose and since money is tight I'll probably put it up for sale soon. It was a blowed up v6 so I dropped in a spare 350 and 350 turbo, had to fix frame rust in the back and hung SS doors on it to fix rusty old doors. Painted it satin black by Rustoleum. Fixed wireing problems rebuilt brakes and other stuff....


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I got the 331 stroker for my 27 put back together (for the 3rd time:() no knocking this time but it is a little clicky until it warms up. Not sure what the knock was, probably the mechanical fuel pump eccentric that is now gone because I went to an electric pump. The clicking seems to be stroker noise that Scat and Keith Black pistons warned me I might have, but as long as it isn't a problem I can live with it. I let it run for about a half hour last night and it sounds fine otherwise.

Now I can start sanding the body for paint. It's all done and in primer, and I am going to suede it so it shouldn't take a whole lot of work to get it smooth.

Looks like I might have a shot at getting it done in time for the Billetproof drags in October. Look out Glenn and Big Mike, there is a Ford in your future! :cool::)



good to see the progress don,[cl i think i'm as anxious to see that thing together as anybody[dr

as far as my weeekend goes--it usually is on moday/tuesday when i get my "day off" so i've been doin the little things on my 46

new radiator from christmas -installed, temporary radiator protection(til i can afford grille bars) i got new exterior door handles and glass cut from the sale of the 52 rat project and i put some of that together recently, too
couldn't afford the "felt kit" right now but with a metal ring around the door-glasses it wont scratch it just squeaks on its way up or down...
was gonna put a set of headers on it, but they won't clear my steering-so i have a set of "almost new" schoenfeld racecar headers 1 3/4" primaries 3 1/2" open collectors to sell or trade.....:confused:

a few more years and i might make a truck outa this thing!!![cl

pics won't load??

Finish put the rear together under my 40 Ford. Need to get some tires for the rear wheels and its a roller. Also cleaned up the C4 trans and put new seals in it.

Test fitted the new (Old) aluminum slots wheels on the model T
Got some sanding done. My Son Dan took pity on the old man and jumped in and did most of it for me. I guess it was that lost puppy dog look I gave him. :D Now I have to go pickup some spot filler tomorrow to fill in some little imperfections and also some high build primer so we can shoot a few more coats on it. The body is looking really good so far, and once I get the next coats of primer sanded I can make a decision on final color. Right now leaning toward satin black, but that will probably change 20 times before we shoot it the last time.

I also have to order a stick of steel tubing tomorrow for the roll bar. Dan and I have to bend that up before I remount the body.



I made a frame to fit inside the body so I could lift it off the frame by myself with the engine lift.

Did some finish welds on the underside the floor frame amd put in a few more braces to support the rocker panel just in case... if it happens to drag something now it wont bend the rockers too bad.

Also started removing some rust and old paint from the rear section of the body.

Now I can blow the frame apart and do all the finish welds on the underside.

Got the rear suspension done on the speedster with the exception of the watts link. The back of the chassis will roll around now if i could find some used 650 20 tires. (Nitro steel spare wheels, weird huh?) Just got the tubes for the front tires today so i can mount the 21" model a front wheels. I'm saying it's a speedster but it is probably going to look more like a doodlebug. 89" wheelbase and big wheels. :rolleyes:
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Today I built a body cart so I could move my 27 body around and spray it. Took me about 3 hours and a hundred bucks worth of wood and parts, but it sure makes it easy to move it by myself. :D



found out i've got a front brake dragging on my 46....:mad::mad:

only one brake line that wasn't replaced-the one running from L to R on the camaro crossmember--guess it's time to replace it, too-and the brake pads (again) prob. need to have rotors turned and need to check & repack all my bearings

also noticed some slack in the upper A-arm bushings....there really is no end to a build is there??:(:confused:

can the preacher take up an "offering" to help the poor underpriviledged hotrodders association.....[ddev
Got my Ranchero on the road again & took it to a car show Sat nite. It sprung either an oil or tranny leak & a big piece of one of the back tires came loose but I made it home without further incident. If it's not one thing... [S



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i have been working on the house. working to get the reminance of the ex-wife out of it (only one thing left from when she was here and it is a nice china cabinet that i am going to strip and restain).

With in the next couple of days i am going to start the frame on my project (i hope)

Sat. Sanded the gas tank for my Honda chopper and painted flames on it. Still have to sand the edges of the flames, pin strip it and clear coat it.

Sat Night; went to a local cruise.

Sunday A cook out at my brothers house.


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nice looking tank. i have some bike parts in the garage that i need to get rid of since i dont have a bike and am not going to build one any time soon. (would rather finish the house and build the rat first)

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