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Picked up the heads after having one side machined down .030 and the other .010 for piston clearance. Just a few more internal parts and I'll be able to zip up the top end with the intake manifold.


I tried to do as little as possible, yesterday being my b-day and all. Kid went to sleep for a few hours so decided to head to the garage and put in some time on a bumper I've been working on for a Jeep. Just to put the icing on my own cake I ended up with a peice of steel in my eye so the g/f being an ER nurse sends me to the ER to have it cleaned out. Doctor couldnt find it at first and sent me for x-rays thinking it went through my eye... ends up they couldnt find it, other then the couple scratches it left behind. Sad thing is this time I was actually wearing safety glasses.
Don'tcha like it when the ER Doc says "Now hold still" as he moves closer with the needle to your eyeball?

[S Been there too many times......
Don'tcha like it when the ER Doc says "Now hold still" as he moves closer with the needle to your eyeball?

[S Been there too many times......

Funny enough a good friend of mine was the nurse that was looking after me. He took way to much pleasure in giving me a tetnis shot, and the freezing. But yeah have to agree hard to "hold still" when your poking my eyeball.
I cut trees up and burnt them. They've been in my back yard for months! When the burn ban is on, the weathers perfect. But when it's off, the wind is usually blowing enough that I'm Leary of setting something on fire beside the pile of trees!!!!....CR

Well, I woke up Monday morning with a "serious" itch on the back of my neck!:confused:...Oh boy, POISON IVY!! I thought one of the branches I grabbed looked a little iffy..[S...Woke up this morning and my right eye is swollen shut!.......Gotta love Nature sometimes!:D....CR
It might be just me , but I like the taildragger look. :) Somehow I don't think that firebreathing Hemi is going to think much of the skirts though. :D

Well I bought two bikes with one title. 81 and 82 Yamaha Maxims. Going to make one Bobber out of the two. Pulled the head off the 750 cuz exhaust studs were broke off and one intake bolt broke off. Will take the head to machine shop for that. Then there's my 85 El Camino project, replaced both doors with non rusty one off an SS with power and am scratching my head tryin to get em wired up..[S


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We had a member of our club pass away this winter and his wife is going to keep all of the car. Madel A Sedan delivery, 55 Chevy and a 41 Willys pickup.

So this weekend we got her 55 chevy and took it to a member garage and started making it user friendlly for her. I was there Sat. and we replace shifter. It was a ratchet shifter that was hard for her to use and replaced with a loker shifter. Also replaced the old radiator because there was some issues with it. We are also on planning to install power steering for her.

Sunday I was teaching vehicle rescue for some local fire dept through the college.

Also found time to get to the first cruise of the season Sat. night.
Sold and help load a 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria and a 1947 Lincoln Club Coupe. Showed the other two Lincolns to some guys that were definitely check book hot rodders. They probably couldn't change a flat tire.
started modifying the brackets for my truck!,, got a camper donated to me for the trip this summer! rat rod street preachin tour! washed my buddies house down to kill the mildew! and still managed to get some rest!


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Should I tell them if they don't change the modifications I made.....it will burn their house down. :eek:

You guys are cruel....but it was funny!
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