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Thanks Glen. I saw your Dodge featured on Rat Rods For Africa.

I made a windshield frame out of 1/8" by 1" flat stock and 3/8" by 1/2" rectangular solid stock. Welded on the front side, #10 screws on the back side. Piano hinge on the top and home made swing out slides and bracket to hold it open. I'm using material I have at home as much as possible, to use it up, as this is my last build.
The sills above the doors are 3 pieces of 18 gauge welded into a channel shape The wood piece is roughly the curve that the top will have. The last pic shows the bulge the top rail has. Will have to match that with the top wood rail.


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The original visor had no rips or tears but it was badly bent and twisted out of shape. It took quite a bit of hammer and dolly work and twisting to get it close. A length of 1/2" angle iron welded inside at the bottom and a length of 1/8" by 1" flat stock welded at the top held it in shape. The third pic shows the two piece header panel welded in place. The top of the visor bolts to it with many fasteners


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Thanks for the comments. It is really appreciated.
The roof line is established, pieces cut, welded and ground smooth to complete the roof framework. The top will be covered with wood. Since it has to curve in two directions, front to back and slight crown side to side, the material will have to be somewhat flexible. I also want a radius on the edge of the wood all around.
The plan is to use three layers of 1/4" plywood. The first layer will be installed with glue and screws. then a second and third layer will be added the same way. Total thickness of 3/4" which will shape into a nice radius around the edges. If anyone has another approach, speak now or...

P.S. for a larger view, click on the pic and then in the Icon bar, click on "Thumbnails".


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I had an old gauge cluster and switch in the attic so I used them in the dash. That's a rough cut piece of 1/4" plywood clamped in place. After it is pulled down tight two more pieces of plywood will be added. The roof will the 3/4" thick so a radius can be put all around the edge. Might be covered with vinyl or maybe a thin copper sheet.


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Three pieces of 1/4" plywood each screwed down separately. The edge was radiused with an angle grinder and flap disc. Final sanding with a block. The wood has been darkened to look old and weathered. Probably do more treatment to the wood.


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