1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

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Congrats on the big 60 ! If Paul Harvey were still around yall would be in his hall of fame.
46 years here for me and the missus. I often said the reason we survived this long was that I was gone on the road most of the time, she couldn’t argue with me if I wasn’t home!
I disassembled the box sides. All these pieces make up one side. There's wood boards sandwiched between the panels.
I kinda wish that I had attached the bed to the cab on my 31 like that. It would alleviate the need to "get to" some areas between the cab and box. My battery being in the bed has done some work on the front bed wall metal that will require bed removal to replace some sheet metal. Your truck is coming along nicely Bob!
The box sides are shortened, modified and temporarily assembled. The shiny panels will get the rapid rust treatment. I think both the cab and the box needs more forward tilt and will be lowered about 3 inches.
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