1936 chevy low cab build 1.5T

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Buildin' it his way, one piece at a time...
Jul 11, 2008
It been a long time since i posted anything about my build... it has been outside all winter so it finally found some floor space for the next few months.. anyway below are pictures of my mock up... curious what the reaction will be

Heres where it started



it will eventually get a 2" chop, and if that goes well a 4-6" section... the body will sit 3" lower than the mock up as well...

The fronts are the tire size i will most likely end up with 32 tall... the rears are currently 38.5 tall, i will probably end up with 34" tall ones not as wide either, they are currently 8.5 and will probably end up 7" wide... if i end up running the rear rims.... those of you have been in the wanted section know i am looking for some rims... anyway...

more pics...



start of my front axle brackets... i have to narrow the front of the frame to get them to work how i plan...

I would suggest, not sectioning it. Right now it appears have nice proportions.

The wheels and tires are big, but not too big.

...and besides, the big wheels will probably ride like crap. Three extra inches of seat cushion will be worth a bunch.
I think you are doing a great job. The cabs get real tight inside real quick when you chop and faster when you section. Just make sure you can fit inside. It is looking great.
Thanks guys.. started cutting the frame last night... im committed now

the reason for the section is the dash and window is so high when you sit in it even when it had the original bench in there... we will see...

still not entirely sold on my current back rims i really want tall skinny dual wheels out back but the wide rims dont really provide that look... ill keep looking... i can always change them out at some point down the road if i ever find more like the front....
Thanks guys, i got a long summer ahead of me... i am fortunate to have access to the equipment i do.. it was a big motivating factor in taking this build on ..
Got some more done on the frame, taking my time trying to get the cuts right it is taking forever to grind and drill out the rivets

got some more done on my front axle set up as well.... its coming together as i planned thus far...

I love those axle brackets... I have a willies front end very similar to that front axle, i was thinking of doing something similar with it... cant wait to see when you start mocking stuff up
thanks man,

im thinking about wrapping the brackets with some 1/8" plate to give them a similar look to the Axle the I beam look, as well as add at ton of strength.. we will see it will be tricky....
Very nice set of axle brackets. But I am not understanding the rear bar with those big pads on it. What do you need the bar and pads for?

A simple 4 bar would do the trick!!
My guess would be air bags.

That is correct, i wanted to keep the frame rails low so hence the drop to the bag mounts, the front of the frame will have a new cross member that is in the works and will conceal the bags when aired out.. i dont really want to see them in the front. Final ride height should be about 6" to the frame rail under the cab.
A seriously cool build!!! I'm convinced that I want to use a set of big rims like your front ones on my 51 F1 project. You know what size rims they are?? I know one thing, they are hard as hell to find around here! I'm also wanting to do a front axle set up similar to yours but without the bags too. Again, I'm finding out that they are extremely hard to find for whatever reason???? Around here anyway. I'm not giving up on my search though.

I'm really looking forward to watching your build come along. Great job so far! Keep the pics coming ok?


I really like where you are going with this but I agree that I wouldnt section or chop it. With the big tires it might be ouy of proportion. Keep us updated please.

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