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Hey guys, thought I would read through my build a bit get inspired.. getting warm here.. Need to put some miles on this old gal this year.. Fingers crossed... house project spiraled pretty quickly... Still dont live in it.. yikes.. oh well soon..

House for those that are interested has been full of problems(not a surprise to me). On top of it being super old, and a rental... It was a short sale that took over 6 months to close where the foreclosure proceedings were delayed in order for us to buy it, when we closed no utilities were on, the yard had not been mowed in 6 months.. rodents and the house was full of junk.. 18 or so loads of stuff out of the house.. couches beds.. furniture.. clothing etc But I wont get to in depth if people are intersted I can start a "build" thread on it in the BS lounge...

Just a few highlights since you asked...
House is super old, finding all sorts of old newspapers and what not in the wall. Nickel from 1907..etc..

Heres the block from 1909.. u can just see the stairs/window of mine under the tree on the back right (all of these houses are still there)

Here is one of the main spaces I have been working on.. (shortly after closing and determining the tub was leaking) It needed to be gutted anyway.. just wasnt planing on doing it so quickly.. I have since replumbed the entire house with copper.. it still had lead thoughout most of the house tied into galvanized or copper...

it got worse the deeper I dug, the plywood from a previous renovation were just sitting in place not screwed or nailed down.. 3 or 4 different layers of various subfloors including sections of the origonal hard wood and plank underlayment.

Heres what the space looks like now, a lot of freakin tile, I also did small hex on the floor...

I built and added this transome window over the door to the bath... kinda hot rod in a sense/ mix and match, salvaged lumber, built the trim from old oak door casings, the window is also salvaged from a reuse place.. also got some free granite from a friends kitchen demo, I cut the window sill and a slab thats a shelf behind the tub. Just like building the truck.. use what you can get!

here it is finished, ignore the yellow on the walls.. still havent addressed that

If people are interested I can start a thread on the house, so you guys can see the madness I have descended into

I am getting the itch to get the truck out, my father in law really wants me to take it to a show up by him, but have a conflict for the day... decisions!

Thanks guys
yessss, would love to see a build thread on the house. I am in love with what you accomplished on the bathroom, kudos! Please post an update on this thread if you start a new thread on the house! [P
Hey Guys.. Im still alive.. mostly lurk these days, not much to say on the hot rod front. Fingers crossed I get it on the road a few times this year. Time flys by it is crazy. The house is nearing completion, all the hard stuff is done. I have a little one now, and shes already 1. The rod has definitely taken a back seat to life.

Hope everyone is well!
Good to hear from ya Corpo !!!! Congrats on the little one,
I understand the life passing in a flash and getting in the way
of our fun time with cars... hoping things slow down a little
for ya so you can share a little time with us....;)

Oh yeah, any pics of the new addition or the house?
Good to here from you, Corpo. Have fun with the little one. Next thing you know, you'll be paying college tuition.
I never really went away.. just been quiet... Im not sure I ever recovered from the photobucket thing... what are people using now for photo hosting?

I wont bore you guys with the house, but heres a few highlights... very much built in the hot rod mentality....

You can see here some exterior stuff I did. All six of the stone "spindles" were missing from the porch, and the railing sections were all broken, after receiving some astronomical quotes.. I decided to tackle it myself I cut and fit all the stones, re assembled all the broken stones. I source some copper downspout from a masonic temple that was demolished, cut and soldered a new downspout for the porch.

The railings on the house were replaced sometime in probably the 60s or 70s, they should have also been stone but that was beyond the scope of what I wanted to do, but I wanted something more fitting...

The railing sections I found on craigslist from a demolished house, i picked them up like an hour from where I live, to find out they came off a house less than a mile from where my house is. The 4 cast iron posts are from a fence, (supposedly a state park in WI) they are actually two different sizes but worked out really well in the end. Shorter ones are on the top step, taller ones mounted to the sidewalk. You can see the before railing on the far side and the after on the closer side.. they are both done now...


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Here was the kitchen.... The before shots are dark, cause when I closed on the property the power was disconnected. It looked much better than it was. Lots of water damage, the cabinets were poorly home made, with drywall screws sticking through them all over the place. The ceiling was dropped more than 2 feet with massive sofits above the cabinets. you can also see the cabinets were installed in front of windows, well installed is a loose term more like sitting in front of...

The kitchen, I did the layout and design myself. Exposed the brick wall in the back... down sized and replaced the window along the side wall... moved the ceiling back up to the original height... etc. Re-framed and insulated the outside wall... those last two photos show what it looked like when I stripped all the layers back. There was 3 ceilings in that room. You can also see in the last photo the remnants of the old Gas lamp system that use to light the house. The system was still hooked up running gas to every room of the house when I got the place. I have since disconnected it...

The cabinets and counters are new... everything else is basically salvaged, the range, the hood, the fridge, dishwasher, the faucet.. the mirror behind the sink (polished cast iron) The pendent light, the light above the sink the radiator in the kitchen (it was missing) The bench top next to the refridgerator I made from real 2x4s that came out of the house when I moved a wall... etc


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Heres one more to show the scope of how things went for me...

The back of the old houses all have porches, its just a Chicago thing that developed over the years with having to have multiple egresses. Anway, mine had been enclosed at some point. I had heard only around 10 years prior to me buying it from a neighbor on the block. Problem was they didnt paint the cheap wooden windows they installed or bother to flash them. So the wall was rotten top to bottom, there was also a deck attached to the house when I bought it, also once again no flashing.. so the whole bottom was rotten...

I had quotes ranging from 20K to 40K, Im sure they would have tackled the project differently than I did, but I spent less than 1K and bought the used scaffolding to do the project...

Windows were once again from a salvage place, new just old stock....

Anyway, life has change so much since we started on this path, coupled with the fact the Chicago housing market is extremely competitive it took us years to buy one. Now that its almost done, Im not sure how much longer we can enjoy the house. But such is life. My wife and I have been eyeing another project house? its more of a building we would convert... on some acreage (11) in the woods. If we decide to do something that silly Ill be sure to let you guys know.

Thanks guys


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Nice house, nice work! [cl [cl

BTW: I'm done with the dirty scumbags at PhotoBucket. (Somebody should shoot those pukes and feed 'em to the pigs. They've ruined every forum on the planet.) I keep my pics to myself these days and I post them directly as you have.

Beautiful work on the house Corpo, I'm not bored at all
I'll look at all the pic's you want to post of it...[cl[cl[cl
Started a project similar about 30 yrs ago...getting close
to being finished now....almost:rolleyes::D:D
Here we go…



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