1937 chevy truck 3/4 ton

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Feb 24, 2016
here is my 1937 chevy truck, 3/4 ton mil spec

the truck was used as USMC Supply truck pre-war in San Diego at Camp Elliott

and when they were done with it, my grandpa got his hands on it and drove the truck into the late 60's/early 70's
and then he had some motor problems and never got around to finishing the motor swap, and so it sat for many years

I remember playing on this truck when I was a little kid and always liked it

so sometime in the mid 90's it went from my grandparents back yard to my parents back yard

back in 2002, I removed the cab of the truck and had it sand blasted in some place in San Diego now to far from the air port, kind of down the road from mcrd and my dad applied the epoxy urethane primer

the work on this project is going to be on the slow side, I'm just coming out of right side hip labrum surgery repair, 4 weeks post op, ones I get my hips working right my work will go tons faster then what I have posted

the truck was a 6 lug but I turned it into a 5x4-3/4 bolt pattern
with some mid 50's hubs and some machined adapters to convert the bearings to smaller truck spindle

the truck on the trailer in San Diego

right across the street from Mr G's in Yuma AZ
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here the truck is parked in my garage in Tucson

I picked up this 2000 2wd S10 blazer front clip for free

starting to work on rails

2x3 3/16

I plan to use the vette calipers up front on this truck

getting all the extra parts out of the cab

I have a 5.3/4l60e
and the truck has a mid 60's nova rear axle with 3.08 gears
I plan to run a manual trans because they are so much more fun to drive vs auto box


my 1985 B reg RHD classic mini Mayfair with a Grp clubman front clip, and a built D16z6 engine, full roll cage, and QA1 coilovers on all 4 corners

I sanded to sand the surface rust off of the old primer that was put on the shell almost 12-13 years ago
its coming out pretty good

the shell has a few dents in it

my older brothers 55-210 gasser, bbc, manual trans and a ford 9

next to the other toy, 1975 german spec LHD classic mini
I found some mid 80's g body front upper/lca's and spindles, with stock hubs/calipers on craigslist for $75

so I'm hitting the guy up about getting those in the next few days

the g body suspension will work on the S10 clip but I think the lca need to be drilled out for a 5/8's bolt vs 1/2inch or something like that
or put s10 bushings into the lca's

with those parts, I will still need to find some stock springs

I'm kind of at a stand still on the suspension until I get the front end on the ground to check for ground clearness
and then I can sit the motor into the frame rails and make mounts

I probably should order the poly bushings for the motor mounts

I'm going to order from them unless I find them local here in Tucson

this company is like the s10 kings of suspension
I used to order from them when they were called suicide doors
The front suspension did work out, someone got it before I could get over to the guys house

But I found someone selling lca and springs for $40

Here is a pic of the back side of the dash
The og pre war od green paint that I'm trying to match

went and got more cut off wheels and a 4inch wire wheel
and 25 lbs of sand blasting media

I wanted to buy two of the desk top sand blasting cabinets, and then cut one wall out of one and bolt the two together to have a huge set up and they are a single door, so I want to make it a double door and this cabinet can fit up to 26inches wide, so with two of them together that would be 52 inches

the dash of the truck is 44inches, so I think with all the small parts that need to be cleaned up, buying two cabinets at $230 bucks, those small parts will pay for the tools on their own

the dash, the window guts, floor panels and whatever else I can think of


Started to work on the windshield area, it's pretty rusted/bad
But I will slowly make it good again

Shaved one side of the upper hinges

And the other side

I got some poly bushings for my rear suspension
I got them from ballistic fab here in Tucson
3 inch bushings
I did no work on the 37 today,
I wanted a change
And the temp was 85 deg so I needed to hurry up and
paint a fender on my mini before it got to hot

I painted the front clip last December but it was about
60-65 deg, a bit on the cold side
The right side and center front came out good but the left side looked like:eek:

And then I had hip surgery at the end of January of this year
And I towed the 37 back and I was waiting for the temp
And my body

Ok not so much my body because I built the frame for the 37
Less then a month out from my hip repair

Anyways here's my 1984/85 B reg UK spec classic mini Mayfair
Also know as a Mini Cooper
It has a grp clubman front clip and a built Honda vtec drivetrain

In June their is a huge west coast mini show in Prescott AZ and then
The week after is another huge mini show in San Diego

Hey man.. i haven't been on here in a while... But I think I have the upper windshield section still from my second cab.. I will have to get my butt up in the attic and dig around.. If I have it, its yours if you want it.. just cover the shipping.. Ill let you know when I have verified I still have it.

Now that my brain is really warming up.. I think i have a full rear window cut out as well...


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