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Busted and Rusted on Route 66
Dec 21, 2007
Edgewood, New Mexico off Route 66
I'm going to start a thread for the 34 5 window. This is more of a rebuild and finish thread. Al ittle history on the car. It was purchased be the last owner in 1958 for $10. He had started working on the car and had completed a lot of work on it. Unfortunately he passed away last year and never completed it. I found out about it through a friend of mine who knew them and was able to purchase it from his widow.

It has quite a few new parts on it like the fenders, running boards, the associated braces, fuel tank, winshield frame and lots of little parts.

The original engine was replaced with a 1936 engine which has the insert bearings instead of the babbited main bearings. The brakes have been converted over to hydraulics and tube shocks on the front axle.

It was paint in the early 60's and the upholstery was started in the 70s.

Here's what it looked like when I first found it.






And this is what it looks like now after a good cleaning and buffing.





The paint on the back in flaking off but it will stay that way. It adds to it's character.
I did start working on correcting a few things on it this week.

The front spring was sagging and the shackles were hitting the axle.



I got a Posie's Super Slide front spring to replace the old one. It has reversed eyes and fewer leafs. It should lower it by about 2" in the front.


Axle and spring are in a much better relationship now.



However, when removing the old spring I stripped out one of the u-bolts and I noticed shackes and bushings were pretty worn and need repalced. Parts are on order.
I was checking the wheel bearing and brakes on the car and on the drivers side it was missing the shoe return spring and the grease cover. I had a grease cover so I installed that. I thought I saw the spring in all the extra parts I got with it but I'm still looking for it.



The shocks were put in upside down with the dust cover facing up so it would catch water.


So I cut the cover off and discovered that the shocks are too long and bottom out with all the weight on them. So they will need to be replaced with a shorter shock.


It also has a bent tie rod.

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DMW, i really think that this old 34 is far too gone to salvage and would be willing to come out there and get it outta your shop before you put anymore money into it...........[ddev[ddev

i'm sorry, that just came out--:eek:i know a preacher shouldn't be this cantankerous but this car is oh-so-cool to borrow a phrase from PA41 i think this car has soul
and i'm glad to see someone got it that appreciates it as much as i feel that you do......[cl[dr
That thing is so cool. All it needs to be perfect is...uhhh...well...lemme see...i got it...sitting in my driveway.
The way i see it you can either sell it for parts,run it off a cliff,are sell it to me at a fair market price,now you said he gave 10.00 for it i cant offer you that,but if you deliver to wisconsin i got a 5.00 bill. Do it. Do it... Do it.... Lol lol lol
Finally got the spring shackles and bushings in. Ordered them from Macs Auto took 2 weeks to get them. They have nice stuff but really slow shipping! :(

It looks like it dropped it about 3". It now has a nice slight rake to it.





I also got some Red's Headers Very nice quality stuff. The old ones I had just weren't going to work with the stock chassis and steering.


Looks good DMW. Let me know how those Red's headers fit. Is that Posie's reversed eye spring a bit shorter than the stocker?

The header fit good but where they end they will have to either go through the x-member or under it. Going through the x-member on the passenger sid eis not a problem but on the drivers side all the brake and clutch pedals, master cylinder linkage is in the way. If you go under it will compromise ground clearance if your car is really low.

The eye to eye measurement on the springs is the same.

There is a reason he is an unaltered male . You tie a string around "them", run the string back into the cab and when you pull on the string he goes into passing gear .

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