38 Ford Bobber with a 440 Chrysler

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Old Iron

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May 19, 2011
Willard Mo.
This is a failed project a customer of mine brought me.
Don't take anything I might say as a discredit to the person that tried to do his own build.
I believe anyone who thinks they can do a good job should at least try.
Be like this fella and know when to say when though.
I started tearing into it this morning.
So far we pulled the engine and tranny, cut the firewall out, that the customer tried installing then, cut, bent and put a better 14ga. one in.
Pulled the rearend out so we can install an 8" Mustang rear with a triangulated 4 bar.
Pulled the engine and tranny before we took the first pic :(
I'll let the build unfold instead of listing what we are going to do [ddd
Enjoy :)


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A few more pics


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If you are not careful you will get a reputation for being the go to guy for fixing other peoples messes....[ddd [cl [cl :D
[P [P [P
What's the plan for the front end? Looks like it needs some stance work for sure. Nothing a master builder like you can't handle I'm sure.
Where do you find these guys?
What's the plan for the front end? Looks like it needs some stance work for sure. Nothing a master builder like you can't handle I'm sure.
Where do you find these guys?

Pops, they find me. Word of mouth is a double edged sword sometimes :)
I think it's becoming what Torchie said :eek:
I'm honest with them going in. I always tell them up front that, it'll be more for a rescue than it would be if I had started from scratch.

I tried to get him to go straight axle like mine but, he decided to keep the front suspension.
It's a stock Mustang ll.
I'm installing 2" drop spindles, tubular upper and lowers and will be baggin this beast to get a good ride height.
The chop sure makes the doors look like they were stretched. I think the slice in the door panel helped throw me on it, too. Makes mine look lie a phone booth T coupe.

Looks like a project... But we know you can handle it well. :D


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Skip I love the looks of your truck :cool:
My son Eric is working with me in the shop now :) :cool:
First pic is of the firewall welded in.
We took the truck apart to do the mods and found the frame to be 5/8 out of square. They used 2 x 4 tubing slid into the original Chevy Luv frame. We cut the drivers side at the weld and adjusted it.


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The bag perch on the lower a-arms hit the stock frame where it arched from the bottom of the cross member to the upper bag mount.
I cut that part straight, like the after market type. Used a hole saw to make a 1 1/4" hole for the a-arm pivot to go through then welded that in.
I'll only mention this one time, I do not like the looks of the factory Mustang ll cross members used to build these hot rods, especially this one. It was already installed and the owner insisted it be used :(


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Iron, ya got your work cut out for you trying to make IFS look good fenderless. If anybody can do it, you can!
Got the front end put together.
At ride height, it measures 5" under the cross member and 3.5" with the air out.
With both front tires flat and air out of bags, the scrub line is just slightly on the minus side. Still steerable I think.


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I think air out of the bags and a flat is going to be pretty impossible to not have a potential scrub line issue... Unless we start building lifted 4x4s

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