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Bama, cool beans on the air conditioning.
I started out on my '36 putting air conditioning in, but got lazy and gave up on it. There are days that I don't think that was the smart choice.
Mac, I understand how you can get away with not having AC in your climate, but down here in the Deep South it is requirement for me anymore. The heat and humidity get rough here in summer, and I just can’t take it like I could when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.
Nice work, except maybe one thing. Do you have the size 6 port feeding from the bottom or the top? If from the top, your system is not going to work right. You're supposed to be feeding hot gas into the top, cooling it into a liquid and pulling it out the bottom to the compressor. Hope you didn't overlook that.


No Rock, I’ve got the -8 line on top and the -6 on bottom like it’s supposed to be, I just turned the condenser around so they are on the drivers side instead of on the passenger side. The mounting brackets were welded to one side so it would sit flat on the core support, I just had to make some spacers the thickness of the condenser to go behind the mounting tabs. I wanted all the lines on the same side as the compressor so if I have to pull the engine I can just take off the compressor and leave the ac lines hooked up. Besides, I think lines crossing the engine are ugly, and make service harder.
Been collecting parts again. Went to eBay to check my saved search "46 47 48 Lincoln Zephyr wipers" to see if anything has popped up. Sure enough, a Newport Enginering electric wiper motor kit was on there, new in the box, for $100! They list for $259 on Newport's site, so I knew that was a deal! Since I had no wip er arms yet, I went over to Boos-Harrel and ordered a set of arms and a set of blades, ouch! Each arm and each blade was $40! Damn! Had to have them, so I bit the bullet. Already had my new windshield that I ordered from Bob's Glass a while back, so today was the day to get it in and hopefully some wipers.

The Newport Enginering motor is supposed to be a bolt in replacement, well it was after I opened the mounting holes up a couple of sizes to get a little play in them. Wish I would have had this kit before I put in the swinging pedals, wiring, and AC ducts, it was all in the way! Took longer than I figured, but it fits nicely and works great. Then, on to removing the cracked windshield. That went real easy.

Got ready to put in the new one by wire brushing the header and painting it and the garnish molding. Decided might as well repaint the dash while I was at it, see how that goes? While that was drying, got my new gasket and glass and tried to put them together. Nope, not gonna work. New gasket was 1 1/2" too long! Repopped stuff from China I suppose, close but no cigar. Ended up having to cut 1 1/2" out of the bottom side to make it fit the glass. Install went about like a one armed paper hanger, needed four hands but only had two! Not too bad though, just had to get it into place, hold that while I put the garnish mold on with the other hand, then hold both pieces and get a screw started. Whew! One screw in, it was easy enough to work the rest of them in. Got it all buttoned up, nice to have an unbroken windshield again. Went to put the new wipers, uck oh, no fit. The arms are coarse spline, my towers are fine spline. Not going to force them on, doubt if they would go on anyway, seem a bit small. Guess I'll call Boos-Herrel in the morning and see what they say...


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"Hanging around you guys I’m not in as big a hurry to do that anymore, I’ve kinda gotten used to the semi survivor look, and like it. I like not having to worry about rock dings and scratches, but would still like a little better finish and to get rid of the few rusty spots it has." quote

We couldn't be prouder of you Bam! :D:D:D
Lots of great upgrades, don't know why things can't just go as planned.:mad::mad:[P[P

I know it! Really used to it by now on this car. Everything has the same design as a Ford of the same time period, but seems to be a little larger or a small bit different. What is really aggravating is like on a simple part like the wiper arms, I can’t find the dimensions of the tower nubs or the arm sockets so I might find an interchangeable arm. I looked again last night for hours, the universal arms fit a 1/4” shaft, but no info on any of the others other than arm length. I don’t know if the cogs could be changed, possibly could, I even saw some replacement cogs somewhere, but they looked to be larger so they probably wouldn’t fit the arms, either.
I’ll figure out something…
Egg on face. Facepalm moment. New view with fresh eyes!

Decided to try the arms again this morning before I called Boos-Harrell. Looked real good in good light, noticed something I hadn't seen yesterday, a small spring clip at the base of the socket. DUH! No wonder it wouldn't sit down! Then compared the splines again, less splines on the arm than the tower, but spaced farther. Maybe the same spacing, but skipping some? Tried it again, wiggling it a little with pressure against the spring clip, what do you know? The damn thing slid right on! Well, I'll be dipped. In the afternoon light, I'd swore they were two different sizes, but with my LED light perched on the hood, I could see how to slide it on. Took a minute to get them clocked properly, but now I have wipers! No more having to leave it at home if there is a chance of rain.

If there is a moral to all this, it's get some good light on things when your eyes are tired. These old eyes just don't work as good as they used to, about time for some new glasses, too!


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This was fix what broke week. Actually last two weeks.
Blew the pressure hose on the power steering on our Tupelo trip, ended up driving home with no ps. Figuring I had burned the pump up, I decided to replace it. While I was at it, I have never liked the turning radius of the quick ratio box I had on it, so I figured what the heck, might as well kill two birds with one stone. Ordered a new Lares replacement box for a mid 80’s Cutlass and a pump for a mid 80’s Ford, along with a tool kit to pull the old pulley off the pump. Had to wait for them to get to me, so I took it all apart.

The tool kit was pretty much a joke. The pulley laughed at it. It never budged. About pulled the pull ring off the pulley, but it stayed on. Ended up using a hole saw to cut it off so I could get the pump off the bracket. I’ll have to say, the tool did good pressing the new pulley on, even if it did take forever.

Everything went back about like it came off, but somehow the pressure port on the pump was just off enough I couldn’t use the straight fitting I had bought for that end. Had to order another 90 from Summit. Took 4 days to get here. Used to get stuff from them the next day when they sent it from GA. These lines and fittings came from OH. Went with PTFE lines this time, supposed to stand up to heat better.

Got my final fitting this morning, proceeded to make the line and get it on. Got it together, filled and bled. Then the problems started. Couldn’t keep the belt on. Kept running off the front of the crank pulley.

Fooled with this thing all day. Remounted the alternator, shimmed it both ways and tried it. Same thing. Put a straight edge on the pulleys. PS pulley was out too far. Took a while to get it far enough back, then the alternator was off again, re shimmed it. Finally got it all in line! Press on pulleys suck!

It was worth all the headaches and hard work. No more leaks, got a normal steering radius now. No more pull up, back up pull up to make a sharp turn into a parking spot!

Sorry I didn’t take any pics. Didn’t really think about it. I’m slipping, I know….:D
Giving the old girl a little more love.

Bought a new set of shocks for the front. This car originally had friction shocks, it had brackets made and tube shocks fitted in past sometime. Which shocks? I had little to go on, the Delco part number on the shock didn't work, so I measured travel in and out. Found a chart from Monroe that list shocks by travel and mounting type, so I had to be Dick Tracey and hunt a while. Finally came up with a possible fit, same shock was used on 58 Buicks and believe it or not, Mustang II's! As old as the Delcos were, I figured 58 Buick sounded feasible, so I ordered a set from Rock Auto. Put them on this morning, was easier than I figured they would be, the old nuts came right off, that usually never happens on a stem mount shock. Firmed the ride up just a bit, but not too much.


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Seems like I'm in a cycle. A bad one. Fix one thing, something else screws up.
Been driving the car a good bit, but on short trips. Other than a miss under load, it has been doing fine. Went to a show about 35 miles away Saturday. Have noticed it wants to get warm on longer trips. I added some block off plates beside the radiator to insure all the air was going through the radiator and not any getting around it. Gauge has been getting up to 220 degrees at times. Too hot for me. Cooled fine before I put the AC condensor on it, may have cut down the air flow a bit, but shouldn't have been that much. When I stopped at the house Saturday, it spit a quart out the overflow. Never did that before. Figured the thermostat might be sticking. Went and got one today. Everything came off easy, except the top bolt, it was too easy. Twisted it off. Luckily, it left enough to start a nut on, so I did. Hit it with the welder, sprayed it with PB Blaster while it was hot, hit it with the impact, screwed right out! Was sweating that one! Got it all back together, filled it back up, cranked it and ran it a minute or two. Adjusted the idle speed a little, raised the float level a tad, running great. Then it shut off. No fire. Checked, got 12 volts at coil. Changed module and rotor button on distributor. Nothing. I guess coil died. Ordered a new one, should be here in a few days, gonna try that. If that don't work, I don't know.
Sorry about your problems Bam but you really are a talented writer. Your posts read like a good book.

A good book, like a good horror story? [ddd:eek::D:D

Thanks for the compliment E man. I’ve been told I have diarrhea of the mouth sometimes.:confused: Guess I’ve always enjoyed writing, computers make it easier with spell check but autocorrect drives me nuts!:eek:

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