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I've never had a problem with one pushing me even if it keeps going like that. The 8n we have has one of those over running clutches on it, but my IH 300 doesn't, I can't tell the difference.

The 8n hydraulics are like yours Mac, got to have the PTO engaged for them to work. My IH though isn't dependent on the PTO since it's pump is driven by the crank gears.

Have you checked your connections on the starter? Sounds like all that new paint may be interfering with the grounds....
Thanks, Bama, I did scratch a wee bit of paint off the mounting ears but a starter needs a lot of electricity. Maybe more than I allowed with my careless jackknife work.
On my test-drive the other day I fooled around up by the house so Mrs. Mac took some pictures on her I-pad. I finally got them transferred to my pictures.


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There's a Ferguson update: remember when I said I sold my donor tractor parts to a music friend, well, he got at it. Here's another tractor finished out of my collection of stuff. The second picture is my picture of his video roaring around his yard.


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These little old tractors had a unique hitch set-up. I stumbled onto the pieces in the Princess Auto store, of all places. I try not to lurk around in that store much, because even though they have some really good ideas for tools, the 'really good' doesn't get into the tools themselves. This hitch is made in India where they still make those first little Massey-Fergusons. It seems to be made well, so I'm confident about this hitch. Anyhow, I sanded some of the arms, primed them and painted them.


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Here is the new hitch mounted on the tractor. I guessed how long to make the braces and made them too long. Next spring I'll loosen up the bolts and shorten them.


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Looks good Mac! My Pa in laws 8N has that type of bracing. I've thought about fixing up a set for my IH since I've converted it to Ford arms. It wants to run to one side, a brace or two like that would keep it aligned.
We're going to have our plowday on Saturday so I better get the Ferguson ready. Last year when I was making my maiden public voyage, plowing, I got into some horrible gumbo and tried to lift the plow out of the ground but the front end of the tractor came up. With a few more burbs and bounces I ended up pulling the rusty old threads out of the fork on the lift rod for one of the three point hitch arms, [inside the orange circle].
Today, I thought I'd better fix it. One of the lift arms was bent towards the fender since I bought the tractor, so I heated that up and straightened it, [the dark grey spot on the lift arm]. Oh, the blue and white polka dot rag is to keep the heat from seeping into the seal for the shaft that drives the lift arm. I kept pouring water on it. Then the pivot pin that connects the arm to the crank assembly was seized in there. Keep in mind this was on a freshly painted shiny tractor. Anyhow, I got it off, finally. I cleaned everything up and primed and painted it. The new crank assembly and fork came in a while ago and I had painted it already.


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I took a Minneapolis-Moline 'U' to town this morning to get new back tires on it.

The adjustable side of the three point hitch is all assembled now. pic one. Then I went to work on the starting problem that has annoyed me from the start. The end of the ground strap was hooked to the back of the dash with a painted over rusty bolt. The dash was hooked to the transmission/ bellhousing which isn't cast iron, it isn't even aluminum, it's magnesium and something. That might not conduct electricity very well. So, I got a longer ground strap and ran it to the engine block a half inch from the starter. The colours are switched because I left this tractor stock with positive ground.
I went and retrieved the two bottom plow and started fixing a depth control problem. I cut a hole in the top of a stopper bracket and welded a nut on it to screw an adjusting bolt into. It seemed to work. The bolt will stop the back wheel from coming up to far and letting the plow go to deep, -- hopefully. I don't want to plow up the earths mantle like last year.


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"I don't want to plow up the earths mantle like last year."

Dammit MM, you made my coffee come out of my nose this morning!

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