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Jul 23, 2009
Sweeny, Texas
I don't have a clue what I'm gonna do with this. I picked up this truck for nothing but about six gallons of sweat getting it out of the cow pasture and another six getting the cab and bed off of it. With the emergency brake stuck and one blown out rear tire, it made for a real adventure in the Texas sun. The frame looks in good enough shape except for a little rust. This thing had been sitting with the cows, for around ten years. The snakes and bees were upset when we moved it.
I had plans for maybe a VW Karman Gia body. If I find an oldie before the Gia, I'll get it. I'm on a real tight budget around here. It's taken over two years doing driveway work on the weekends to build the 429 the way I wanted it. And I don't have a big shop with a concrete floor to work on. I probably couldn't work in a shop like that. You'd find me outside in the shell and rock driveway. I've been mechanicin' for around forty years and have given up on a nice shop. It wouldn't be any fun to drop a part and find it right away.
I just wanted to post a starting point for whatever this project turns out to be. Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.


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Funny how I never hear anybody on RRR say "I got loads a money to spend on this project, so...." :D

That motor looks sweet! Labor o love it sound like. Good solid frame to work with too. Get lookin for that pilot house - check out some of the build threads. Some of these guys started out with nothing too.
Nice job on the 429. That Courier frame looks pretty solid. Hope you find something to your liking to drop on there.
Got a start anyway

I managed to get some of the junk brackets and all the old lines cut off today. I put my 'dummy" block and tranny together and hung it close to where it's going to be. It can go back another six inches or so if need be. And I'm still looking for a body. I've got a lead on a Ghia that's been sitting for ten or so years. There's a straight axle and a 9" Ford rear end in the works. And I haven't started rebuilding the C-6 yet. About another five years and I may have something here.


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Lookin good so far! But why u want a straight axle when u already got a front end withe steering, brakes and everything, my 2 cents. 9 inch rear sounds good. You'll have to hustle up alittle, I can't wait 5 years!!:D
You're right fuzz. It just looks terrible. Maybe I can figure some way of hiding it. And rainman, I'm going to fab the mounts so all I'll have to do is make two welds which could be anywhere along the frame rails. I can go forward a good two foot at least while still keeping the engine fairly low in the frame. Thanks.
Hey ya'll. First timer here-at least on the web. Was wondering what some of you guys think about a 50 willys truck built as a rat rod? Any input would be considered but in the end I guess it's my call
Lookin good so far! But why u want a straight axle when u already got a front end withe steering, brakes and everything, my 2 cents. 9 inch rear sounds good. You'll have to hustle up alittle, I can't wait 5 years!!:D

I'm removing the IFS from my frame also. I am doing this because I want a solid axle and I want the tires in front of the grille.

My .02.
I was told by a long time builder of custom cars and rods.

"There is no wrong way to build a car as long as it is safe and YOU enjoy it."
Not much progress

No pics this time. I've been working on the motor mounts and trying to clean up the frame a bit. I found another '68 Gia body for cheap. Gotta get that next weekend. The C-6 is still sitting on the workbench. It'll get done some day. I've got a trans guy that's willing to help me with it. We just gotta get on the same schedule to do it. Will post pics when I get something done.:D
More pics: Gia.(or what's left of it)

I went and picked this thing up over the weekend. The inside is shot, along with the pan. But, the sheet metal is in fairly good shape. We think it's a '65 model. Type 14. Whatever that is. I haven't looked it up yet. I've got some good leather Volvo seats and I'm going to build a dashboard. So far, this project is into 2024 for completion.:eek:


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Got a little done

I got the rusted out pan out from under it and chopped the front end off. I think I may use the VW front suspension. I've seen a couple built using the same. It's actually going to help since the Courier frame gets too narrow at the very front, for the big block to fit down in the frame rails. If I cut the frame off, where it starts to narrow, and splice in some 3X5 box tubing, I can mount the VW axle right on the very front. That'll give me some room for the radiator behind or on top of the front axle.
I'm glad I'm finally getting something done. This sure is a lot more work than building mounts and dropping a motor in. Next weekend is pull the heads on my Dads' Pathfinder. I can hardly wait!!:(


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A little progress

I finally had time to rebuild my C-6. (I got layed off my job) All went fairly good. I'm working on the front suspension backets now. My son was nice enough to buy steel to build a frame for the VW. It's looks like I'll have plenty of time to get something done. Like cleaning up pulleys. I mounted a Volvo 120 amp alternator on the 429. I can go ahead and do the engine wiring while the weather is bad. Maybe it'll quit raining and warm up some day.:)


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man your lucky.i dont even have rock in my driveway.lol can relate to if you drop something wouldnt know how to act to be able to find in under 15 minutes[cl


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