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Thanks soltz.:D
Closing in on closing up the hole in the DS front floor pan.[;)[;)[;)[;)[;)[;)
If it cools off this evening I may get out there and seal it all up.
The first picture shows the OG shop manual I picked up. This car is still mostly Cadillac so it's a great info source.:cool:
Keep on keeping on....


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Thanks soltz and ZZ😎
Even Mrs T was somewhat impressed.😂
I believe she didn't think I would be able to close it up.
Hotter tomorrow so no idea what, if anything I will get done.
Looking at ZZ's Hercules build I am embareassed to post my rusty work.:eek::(
The before and now.
If the sealer looks familiar it's what's left from my work on the wooden boat bottom.:D:cool::cool:
Once the sealer cures. It will get a coat of por 15.
That's for later. Just trying to stay cool for now.
Keep on keeping on.....


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Don't be so hard on yourself Torchie! Working on rusty stuff is a lot harder than what I'm doing playing with new shiny metal. Sometimes I feel guilty creating something new like Hercules because I don't have to follow any pattern, just going with the ideas as they come....
Before and After :eek:

Don't be so hard on yourself Torchie! Working on rusty stuff is a lot harder than what I'm doing playing with new shiny metal. Sometimes I feel guilty creating something new like Hercules because I don't have to follow any pattern, just going with the ideas as they come....

Rust repair is rust repair.
The new adhesives are as tough as welding when done right.

Tons of credit for saving the almost unsavable, Torchie.
Thanks all.:D
In this case I used the 5200 as a sealer. It takes 7 days for a full cure. I sped up the process by sprizting it with water as it is moisture cured.
Had some help this morning so you have to feed the troops. Yes these do have raisins in them.:eek: [cl
We concentrated on the Cadillac hood again. Did some hinge adjustment and Put the springs back on. Same results.:eek:[S
We noticed that it looks like the hinges may be bent or twisted. The last 2 pics show the hinges. The PS is bent outboard of the car. Hard to see but the DS is pulled inwards as well. The hood rear is off center for sure. May be time to get the porta - power out.:eek:
Tomorrow I will concentrate on getting the DS rocker skin on. Then time for some por 15 on the new floor pieces.
That's it for now.
Keep on keeping on....


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MMMM! Make me hungry! [cl[cl[cl[cl

Looks kinda like the hood has been shoved sideways at some time, bending both hinges.

I agree Bama. No signs of any damage to the hood. Plus the PS fits as it dhoikd when we can get the hood down.
The gap between the hinge and the cowl on the DS is much closer together then the PS.
Plus the distance from the hood center to the DS is shorter then the same points on the PS. Its about a half inch, or more different.
Its going to take some fussing with. More then one Caddy owner just forgoes the springs and uses a hood prop.
The mystery deepens.....
And yes Bama. Thise cinnamon rolls were delicious.😎❤️
Getting closer on the DS.
I put a bit of reinforced fiberglass short strand filler on the repaired dog leg.
Gave it all a good coat of Chassis saver.:cool:
After PT tomorrow I will put on the outer rocker skin. If I still have the strength.:eek::p
Kind of looks like a floor now.[cl[cl[cl


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Thanks gang!!
Thanks Low budget. It looks like a floor again. Considering where it was when i started i am satisfied with it.
We are formulating a plan to straighten the hinges while still on the car.
I will have to wait until i have some help though.
I didn't get to the rocker skins today. First time back to physical therapy and it kicked my butt.
I did pick up the elevator bolts i need to secure the square tubing under the Drivers door sill.
Hopefully tomorrow.
Getting crazy around here.
Lots of tourists in my area for the 4th.
Time to flood the moat and pull up the drawbridge.[ddd[cl:p
This evenings progress.......
Trim up a few of the elevator bolts. These have a small ledge that they go through to the square tubing reinforcement.
Then the rocker skin goes on over these. Which is why I needed the flat head elevator bolts.
Of course I needed to be down on the floor for all of this.:eek:
A bit of trimming and fitting needed on the rocker skin. Then I can weld it in.
That's for tomorrow.:cool:[;) [;) [;)
Almost looks like a car again.[cl:D
Keep on keeping on....


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