Extreme Engine Makeover-Hemi Time

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Very Cool....

That looks awesome, Gastrick, especially the photo with the doors open.
Nice call '24....
Curious if you will get ownership of the blower again .... ;)
Again, looks great.. '22
It was a fun filled day. Here's what I got completed. I got some other little things done but here's the condensed version.

I added a vacuum port to the very rear of my intake. I put it there so it wouldn't be highly visible.

I finished my Chrysler frame mounts then cut and ground the old Chevy engine mounts from the frame and did some quickie touch up painting.

I lifted the Chrysler off of it's stand and bolted up the trans adapter and flexplate.

Stand by I'm not finished...........................................
Here are some pipes.
Bonehead and Maddog, my pipes are going to be boring. I'm using Chrysler 300 exhaust manifolds. They are sort of a ram's horn type deal. All of the exhaust will be between the frame rails and under the car so I can remain aerodynamically sound :D

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