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Front suspension

Hello, That looks like an awsome idea for your front suspension. How long is the mono leaf spring? I am building a 31 Studebaker Coupe and really don't want to spend the big bucks to convert. I have a 46 Ford axle but been trying to figure out how to adapt to my Stude. Your work looks really good, should work. Let me know if you can the lenght of your spring. Thanks, Dennis
Dennis, I used a 26 inch mono spring from Speedway, as well as their shackle mount and shackle kit. I used a plain shackle mount, but had to be real careful where the bolts ended up. I designed the frame along with the front end so that it would all work out. So far, so good Thanks for the questions and the compliments. If I can help any more, let me know.
Thanks everyone. It's very encouraging to have your work appreciated! Here's a few more pictures. Progressing slowly - the shop is pretty chilly until the woodstove gets things warmed up, and I've been busy getting my son ready to move overseas for a semester of school. I'm still working on the floor, and lately on fitting the transmission hump (which I have no picture of yet - that's coming)


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Impressive build. Wish I could lay a bead of weld that good (front axle wishbone parts) Got some good ideas on floorpan-firewall construct, hope ya don't mind iff'n I borrow em........ I also cast a vote for more pics[P
Thanks RiverRat, and everyone, for the support and positive comments. Progress has been slow lately, but not for lack of trying! This damn transmission hump has taken longer than the rest of the floor did, I think there's 8 or more hours in it! (not bad for a guy my age - an 8 hour hump should be something to brag about!!!)


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Slow but sure...

Here's a little doesn't look like much, but it took a little while.....I finally got around to finishing the sheet metal below the doors. All along, it's only been the tube structure, no sheet metal. That and I finished the lower cowl/hinge area.....pluggin away at it....and lovin every minute of it.


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Glad to see you are making progress on the Graham! Your fab work is so clean and neat.........I hate you :mad: Okay, I don't hate you but anytime I want to feel inferior I just come in here and check up on your progress :eek::D
Loving this build, carry on good sir! [P[P[P
Yes, very nice sheet metal work. I'll bet you don't have any reject pieces either.
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Geez guys.....I'm blushing.....but do go on :)

Bob W - there's lots of reject pieces around the shop, I just tell my friends that they were made for something else.......
My "rejected" pieces are the ones 1/2 way across the driveway that are a mangled mess! [cl

(1/2 scottish 1/2 italian)
Slow progress...

Progress has been very slow lately, but I have lots of excuses!....busy at work, been away on a little vacation etc etc......

Anyway, back to the important stuff. I had to rebuild the rain gutter all around the trunk opening, and this has resulted in the orginal hinges not working out as nicely as I'd hoped. Still wrestling with that....

I did however manage to finish off a couple little nasty spots, front edge of the cowl, and I added a small tube along the top edge of the cowl, lower edge of the windshield. I'm planning to glue the windshield in, no room for the tilt unfortunately.


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Worked on installing the dash today - had to make up a couple of tubes to tie the car together, and have something to attach the dash to. Slow progress, but it's coming....


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Slow progress....

Hey RR's....still working away on the Graham when time permits. I've been working on replacing the tops of the doors. I have also been busy with some other cars - spent the day today working on installing a set of bumpers on the Model A.

Will post some updated pic's soon.

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