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Still working...

Thanks everyone! I've been picking away at the door latches, window regulators, etc...nothing exciting to post any pictures of yet, but soon!
A little update..

Hi's a few pictures - a couple of general ones, and a couple showing some of the work going on with the door and window mechanism. Ah, the joys of trying to build a car out of one that was mostly wood in it's day!!!

I decided to use the rear window regulators in the doors, as they have shorter lift arms, my thought being that with the chop, I don't need as much window travel. I also thought that the shorter arm would give me more leverage in lifting the window (more rotation, but slower movement). The rear window regulators turned out to be the same hand - this car is a bit of an oddball. When I found it, it appeared to have two rear seat - center and passenger side only - so that may explain why the rear regulators were the same hand - the cranks were in different spots. The rear crank handles are also a "T" shape, so I intend to use them - just for something different.

Oh well, I'm still loving every minute of this....


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Well, a large load of Speedway parts found their way to my hopefully I'll have some new photo's to show the mean time, I've pretty well finished the door that was a lot of friggin around!
A little update...

Here's a couple of quick pic's I snapped today.....too many distractions to make much progress, but I'm picking away at it.....


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A little more progress today.....doors now close and latch! Yahoo. I also was able to mount one of the rotors - removed the old drum set up and double checked that everything from Speedway looks good......and it does! Off to the HASC swap meet in Toronto tomorrow to pick up some more goodies......


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Steering box

Working on mounting the steering box it sure is tight to the motor mount.....


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Finally found some time to get back at it......steering box is mounted now - had to revise one of the holes in the bracket supplied, as it's a blind hole now. The master cylinder is installed as well - I made one bracket for practice, because sometimes it's just more fun to make two. I usually like to make the first one, just a little bit too short, then I know for sure what size to make the second one!


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Some more

Holy warm here snow left, hardly needed any heat in the shop, so that was nice. I managed to clean up a few things, installed a bearing in the bottom of my steering column, and built the headlight brackets.....lots of debate on where to put them, but settled on this location. I didn't want the brackets to look too large, nor did I want them very long - as I'm worried about those big headlights shaking.....(I know, there's bound to be some feedback on that comment!)


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Thanks everyone!....made a little more progress today - another small load of parts showed up last week, so now the steering is all hooked up - from column to the box, and the tie rods are in! Once I get the gas pedal sorted out (very little room between the column, brake pedal and the transmission hump), it will just about be time to break it all down and start painting! The timing should work out about right for warmer weather.

Well, it's been a while, but here's some updates.....steering is hooked up, shifter is in, mounted a couple of small gas shocks on the trunk lid, etc....lots of little things getting done up, but lots of life in the way as well! Got started on trying to layout my dash.....I need some more opinions on that one....Oh, one more "helper" decided to experiment with a rad cap....while I was working on another sure made me laugh.....


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Wow Bill, you are moving right along......that's gotta feel good! [cl[cl[cl
That radiator cap is really not a bad idea, if it's over heating you just open up the spigot and blow it on the ground instead of in your face. :D

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