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Thanks feels great to have your work appreciated. ZZ - I found that double tie rod at Speedway Motors, and it sure did make hooking up the cross steer easy. I ordered all the steering items from them.
Still at it...

Still at it here.....fitting doors, trunk lid, etc. I'm heading to Carlisle in two weeks, hoping to score some goodies there.....anyone else going?


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Sorry for the absence! The trip to Carlisle was great - great time away with three buddies, found a few little treasures (new cowl lights, taillights, etc) and just enjoyed a few days away, and fantastic weather!

Doing a little spring cleaning in the garage right now, had to make space for taking the car apart for some paint soon.

I should have some updated pictures again soon.

Well, life has dealt me some lemons recently.....I lost my Dad on July 2, so most everything has been on hold since the trip to Carlisle. He was the source of my "old car" fixation, and I'm going to miss him terribly.

I've just gotten around to ordering a few a bits today, looking to inspire some progress. Hopefully I'll find the time and the interest to be back at it real soon....and will certainly post some pic's when I do.
Sorry for your great loss. On a lighter note, I admire your work ethic and your ingenuity in engineering fixes as well as your building skills. I'm learning just watching. Perley
Sorry for your loss. I lost mine about 12 years ago now (he was 58) I grew up in his MG resto shop. To this day I still think "I will call Dad and ask...." Hang in there.
Geting back into it...

Hey everyone...I'm finally finding time to get back into the's been a while, and it feels great. Didn't get much accomplished today, but managed to locate the gas pedal...not easy with a channeled car (big hump), and my size 12's......I was worried about maintaining enough space between the brake and gas pedals - wouldn't want a panic stop to get real animated when you jam on both!!! Here's a quick pick of the pedals.


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Slowly getting back at's been way too long, and it feels great to be back in the garage....The gas pedal is completed, and today I located and mounted the 39 Ford tail's a quick couple of pic's.


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So....I've been looking at the front frame real hard lately, and have decided that I don't like how "chunky" my home made frame horns look. My "Mac's", and pick up a couple of Ford frame horns....I'll have some updated pic's to show in a week or two. I want to mock them up soon, as I've reached a point where it's time to blow things apart and start plumbing!
Chilly day here today, but cranked up the woodstove and did a couple of those jobs that I've been putting off. I finally finished the front windshield frame, and also made both door's nearly time for glass, so I figured I'd better get both of those jobs cleaned up.


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Found a few minutes to spend on the car so far this the trunk latch all fabbed up and working. Nothing fancy, just a tang on the the handle that holds things shut. I have another 4 days off this coming week, so I hope to spend a few more minutes in the garage and I'll try to remember to get some more pictures.
I've been remiss in commenting on your fine build. The door tops are excellent. As is the overall look of the car. Nice work, Bill.

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