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Finished the turn signal switch. Need to get a wiper and turn signals and electrical is done.

Jumped a battery up to the remote + terminal and ground with battery cables in case I need to disconnect quickly. Nothing happened! No smoke, flames, melted wires, blown fuses! Yeah! Success so far.
Tested the rear lights, turn signal lights and brakes lightly they worked. I haven't hooked up the headlights yet. So didn't test those.
Tried cranking the engine and nothing! Jumpered the neutral safety switch and it cranked.
Looks like a few gauge lights aren't working that were before? AMP gauge?? Got some trouble shooting to do!
A few years ago we installed 4 different brand new headlight switches over a days time, before we one that fully worked! We ended up getting them from 3 different parts stores. All were in boxes with different printing on them (but had the same part number), I suspect all were from the same manufacturer. We figured it was a bad load from overseas.

Just because the parts are new, that doesn't mean they are good parts anymore.
Fixed the rear light problem! I had the rear light wire and park light wire on the wrong terminals. Just needed to be switched.
Still have a problem with the turn signal switch light going on all the time and something in the distributor.


I got all the wiring sorted out. The turn signal light goes on when it's supposed to and the flashers will work with the key off and on.
Now I'm waiting for ignition parts.
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