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That looks great in there ZZ. I'd have a hard time leaving it for a few months now though. I can't believe the progress you've made on it.
Back from Arizona now, not much happening on the Gasser except the coil overs finally showed up, STILL waiting on the M&H Cheater slicks from Coker, on order since Sept 2021 :(
Also brought home some parts, a steer clear drop unit for the steering 'cause I know the BB Chevy head is going to be right in front of where the column comes thru the firewall. Oh, and a forged, balanced 496 stroker kit for the rat motor, saved big time on import fees and shipping by bringing it home myself :)
Going to deliver the other coupe in a couple weeks, then I can bring home the body for this one and make sparks without worrying about hurting the pretty one....:cool:



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Finally got the body home - 9 hrs of driving plus loading it all, left at 4AM, got home at 6PM - too pooped to unload today, I'll do it tomorrow and get some better pics. He gave a literal pile of parts, 3 doors, 6 fenders, 3 grille shells - one complete - and a whole whack of other parts. Also gave me a couple sedan trunk lids that I may be able to piece together to make the missing coupe lid. Now I just need to find a place to stash it all



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Back from your Packard mine then again ZZ? :D

You fell into a treasure trove there...

It's kind of a unique situation, I've been watching this body mouldering in various barns and sheds since I was a teenager in the 70's - jeez, is it that long?? :eek: The guy was my first and only boss for 20 years and is the source of my Packard affliction. He's getting on in years (not the only one:() and is vacating his property and needs to reduce his collection of stuff for a manageable retirement sized pile.... We've always connected on our car crazyness, and he feels that I'm worthy of all this Packard stuff, realizing we all have only so much time to get things done and you can't take it with you. He also has an insane collection of IHC Scouts and parts that I may have to draw on for a future build of the 4x4 variety or maybe a low down 2wd cruiser.... hmmmm [S:rolleyes:
Got it all unloaded and compressed it all into my little trailer for now, no room in the shop 'till the other coupe leaves in a couple weeks. Couple of neat old heaters and a pair of 40 Packard tail lights with the cool accessory lights on top, the 40 fenders are junk tho...


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Those aux tail lights are neat, never saw those before. Those rusty fenders still have some good metal for patching curved areas.
Those aux tail lights are neat, never saw those before. Those rusty fenders still have some good metal for patching curved areas.

When getting caught up here I thought the same thing Bamamay did- those are very cool looking.

And by the way ZZ- a chromed BB in ANYTHING gets a pass every time! [cl[dr[cl

Just like Elvis, Packard #1 has left the building! Packard #2 has now made it into a dry shop for the first time in years. First order of business will be to cut out the floors, along with the wood subrails, so it can get familiar with its new chassis.



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Once again, it pays to be a packrat :)I've had the humpback that I sliced off the 36 Packard kicking around for years and today I realized it will make a good repair panel for the 37 Coupe. The coupes rear is really beat up, mostly from being pushed around with a tractor to its many resting places for the last 50 years. The Sedan piece is not identical, the trunk lip is a bit narrower and it is not pristine, but easier than making another new panel - and it's even the same color!



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At first I was confused by the picture, then it came into focus.

More exciting fabbing to watch at ZZ's Creative Builds.

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