What Did Ya Get Done This Weekend?

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and this weekend is a a press weekend for me and the Florida M/C rag, so I do not get to go out and play:( The weather here in VA is really pretty too!

Is anyone going to the Maxton Races in May?
Well its not a rat, per se, but I finally got it on the road. I've been piecing this together for about a year now and am pleased with the result. 1981 Granada originally 6 cyl insurance write-off.


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Well, I didn't get as much done as I was wanting but I did cut out a stencil and paint the signage on my doors.


Over and out,

Got the taters and onions planted. Got the cattle panels up around the garden to keep the neighbors chickens out. Changed oil in the daily. Got the wifes 48 out for spring and ready to cruise. Went to a swap meet, but didn't come home with anything.(a first).

Got absolutly nothing done on the coupster.
went to 2 car shows , and both got rained out!!!! hurrican force winds monsoon rains,, thats alabama weather for ya,.,, dont like it wait 2 hours it will change,, tornadoes!!!
Well, I spent some time at a bud's house eating boiled shrimp and drinking a few brews Friday night. Re-plumbed my air supply w/ copper line and installed a water trap and a dessicant filter / dryer 'till about 2:30 Saturday morning. Cleaned the garage a little. Practiced my O/A welding. My daughter had a double-header in softball Saturday. Did a little swimming in the pool. Went to Niftee 50tees car show Saturday night. Did some wet sanding on inner fenders and under hood stuff Sunday morning before church. Went to church and then an international missions meeting and talked about some water wells we drilled in Honduras back in February. Good weekend.
Went to the Turlock Swap Meet. Bought a couple of repop Artillerys from Rally America. "Wheel Kid on the HAMB". Then got home and called him back on Monday. Orderd 4 Gennie wheels that I wanted to have made.
Not rat stuff but still cool


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finished the Florida Publication and went to the ER ..:confused: How the hell did that happen:eek: All symptoms were go for heart attack! Thank GOD it was not. Doc said it was heart spasms (from stress) So I took the week off after a heart cath for some R&R, now I am more behind, so much for take time off theory ... lol. But I fell better today (see I'm back ... lol) Hope everyone else's weekend was more fun!
Friday evening, I took the radiator out of the Bonehead truck. I replaced it with a nice aluminuim one I got from the swap meet a while back. It is bigger and looks like crap, but the engine showed no signs of heating up. I also welded in a new skull into the air intake, for the car show the next day.

The 69 Mustang went to the car show too, no problem. But the 65 threw a fit and did not want to go. First the battery would not take a charge. Then I fowled out a plug on the way there. After cleaning the plugs down the street from the car show, I pulled into a show space, and the heater core took a dump in the passenger side floor board. But it being the local show, I got all three cars in. Fun day.

A friend came over and helped mount up some big tires for another project I am working on.

Then Sunday I went and picked up a parts truck with my Son and my Dad, for my son's Willys pickup project.

And sometimes, nothing happens on a weekend.
Had a BBQ with 60+ people Saturday so I could borrow a few of them to unload the 35 Plymouth body off my trailer!

Started to take the wishbones off the axles I got. This is going to be chore. Listed a bunch of stuff on Ebay.
Got the cab situated & ready to mount, made the front & rear mounts for my '41 Ford pu & also cut the rubber mounting pads from a boat trailer roller with my angle saw... worked perfectly but smelled up the place like burnt rubber (a smell I'm very familiar with)!!! :D:D:D

I pulled the trigger a couple weeks ago to buy a small budget shop. I really needed a place to just fab on my 29 Pontiac. So I placed a call into Americansteelinc.com and placed an order. Well I got a call on Monday last week for it to be delivered and set up on Saterday morning. I am going to frame the rest in and side it to match my shed. It will have a 14 foot garage door installed also on the front with a side access door on the grass side. Its all 2 1/4 galvanized steel tubing with a metal roof. Its 16x24.




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