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I got a new project, but its not a rat rod, so i wont bother ya with pictures. But it is 30 yrs old :D. And thats what i did this weekend, lol.

Now just gotta figure out the best or easiest way to get rust off of chrome.
I got a new project, but its not a rat rod, so i wont bother ya with pictures. But it is 30 yrs old :D. And thats what i did this weekend, lol.
Now just gotta figure out the best or easiest way to get rust off of chrome.

These guys would appreciate a 79 Ford Bronco. I know I do.

Elbow grease, and chrome polish will do wonders. I used to use the stuff made by Dupont, but I have not seen it latley.
I saw some stuff tonight at walmart called chrome polish and rust remover, but im not sure how well it would work. Im thinking about soaking them with vinegar the rest of the week, and then scrubbing them good this weekend. That is after i get back from NHRA races saturday.
I almost got my damaged fender off, got all but one bolt out, i was lucky enough up until that last one, where all the bolts had nut plates welded to the other side, but not the last one, and i couldn't find someone to help so it now has only one nut left to remove.
That looks nice Bruce. Is that some sort of a microfiber? I especially like the armrest.

moronthe- Thanks. Not sure of the material she used on the door panels. Something she picked up at a fabric shop here. The arm rests are a velour material she picked up from the same place. The armrests & headliner were done in matching materials last year.

Gastrick- Those plywood bombers are real sharp !
I scored a Lincoln V12 flattie!

Member joukaishou813924 was selling the V12 flattie out of his '46 Lincoln Continental & the old Tripper bought it & drug it home. Gonna put it in a '46 Dodge PU I have & will keep ya posted!!! Also... ck these fotos I took while there! :D



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Is that a Blackbird, Trip?

Speaking of "drug it home", I chained the 48 tonner up to half a tree and pulled it loose from the trunk and dragged to to the north 40. My boys (2 & 3 yrs old) were in the cab with me bouncing around..."Pulled tree with truck, mommy!"

Also celebrated my 5th Anniv with Mrs. Throttle. Arby's, Walmart and "Angels & Demons"...nothing fancy, but enjoyable.
Bonehead...pretty scenery..don't see nothin like that in ol' Virgini!!

On Memorial day I drove to North Carolina, about 100 miles, to get a much needed cowl piece for my 51 F1..found a guy with some rust free western trucks that was will to work on the hoiday and cut the cowl area off a part of a cab he had. So I jumped in the ol parts chaser,

Had one little "Honey Do" to take care of, dump trash.....

Took along my camera cuz ya never know when ya mite find a diamond in the ruff.....


Sign in the window said "not for sale" so I kept movin
as I was saying, arrived at Reidville NC. and this is what I found


most of his trucks were 60s and 70s but he had a few from the 50s...

so him and his lady cut the cowl section I needed and I headed for home

here's what pine needles do to the cowl after layin there for 20 years

here's the replacment piece when I get time to fix it

saw a kit car on the way home
followed him into a gas station for a better picture

nice but looks like so many others!!!!!

Thanks for your attention..:D
You need to come visit us out West guys!

I sold an axle, figured out the cowl and rear section of the truck cab I got is a 30-31 Ford .... now I just need to find some doors. ID'd the gas pump as a Bennett. Sorted through some of the parts I picked up trying figure out what the heck I'm going too do with it all! :confused: Went out to dinner with our pseudo-adopted kids. (They are both 27 so we call them our kids.)
BONEHEAD - is that Grand View Point in Canyonlands?

Neat view- I think I still like your back yard (CoNM) better.

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