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Watched the March Meet drags from Bakersfield on www.bangshift.com. Still more video streaming today starting at 12:00 noon CST.

Put spark plugs in the S-10 after 152,000 miles.

Going parts hunting in the junkyard today, for the Plymouth truck project.
Unloaded the bikes and parts out of thr trailer. I was going to Daytona but the weather had other plans. Always next year.
Gotta make room and money for the 34 Coupe! The "Punkin Chunker" is sold too just waiting for the end of the auction. If/when I sell the Chevelle I want to buy the 68 Cutlass S convertible. (Sorry Thunder)

I've got plenty of other projects to keep me busy!

Not a problem DMW! - I had to part with my T bucket frame too to make the new one possible and get moved. Got extra cash in my pocket and It's all good. You have the holy grail of hot rods and I got my new job and getting a frame I won't have to modify. [cl

Mud and more mudding, now I know why I left my las car bare steel lol


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Put the semi-final touches on the dash board for my T. Rototilled the garden and kinda cleaned up the shop. Put new air hose on the compressor, got some stuff called Flexilla really like it so far, very light, and bright green:D

Attempted to get the chain saw started to cut up a fallen tree. Got bored with that and will try again another day.
Started swapping out the 327 in the T-Bucket for a new 350. Made a new dash and played with the gauge layout. The speedo and gas gauge will be in later this week. I'll move the ignition switch and headlight switch to the lower left side of the dash.


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Had great weather in Arkansas this last 4 days so took off work and got busy.

Thurs was snake bit. Knocked off my Dewalt bat charger into the 3 gallon bucket of water I use to cool parts after sawing them on the chop saw--FRIED it bad--smokin!! Order a new one offa eBay+2 batts.. Tried to get the 29 fiberglass coupe moved so I can dismantel it. Front brake caliper stuck and squirter on the 750 Holley plugged--Fixed both Couple hours and a trip to town for a squirter diaphram.. Got the shifter fixed on the 33 Dodge in my shop, added 4 qts Tranny fluid, 2 gallons antifreez, fired it up and drove it outta the shop for the first time! (the only thing that went right the whole day)!!

Friday--Sawed up the Bentley!! There just ain't nuthin like sawing up a car to bring peace to my soul.. Cut the front off behind the middle post and drug it into the shop to do rust repair. Pretty bad rusty--would'nt have lasted much longer--fine candidate for a Rat..

Sat. Went to the iron yard and got a variety of iron--14 ga checker plate for the firewall, a stick of 1"x3"x 1/8, couple sticks 1x1, 2x2 sq, 2 sticks 2x2x1/8 angle, 1 sheet 18 guage sheet iron, 2-sticks 1/8 x 2" strap--$200. Cut the worst of the rust off the rocker area and started reinforcing the rockers and doorpost with the 1"x3" in an 'L', plan to weld the front of each lower leg of each 'L' to the checkerplate firewall to create a strong structure for the suicide doors..

Took a few pix and Will start a build thread on the Bentley speedster after I get some progress in a few weeks.

Sun. Had Lasangne and played with the grand kids and rode them in Mule (Kaw) and napped in the shade. Its fun listening to kids playing in the yard and dozin off..

Good weekend!!

Thanks for keeping it going Bob. Nice to see all the progress. I just worked at my job:mad:. I'll be back on board in a few months, and then.....[;)
Let see, this weekend I dropped a flathead block and crank off to be tanked and magged. Did a little work on my trucks flathead, slipped on the oil slinger and spacer, added the oil pump and pickup. I could have zipped up the bottom end but I didn't have all the oil pan bolts. A friend talked me into porting his flathead so I brought that home and finished the exhaust ports yesterday.

Oh, I also picked up an Edelbrock 500cfm carb for my truck's engine and started to mockup the custom air intake I'll be building.

I can not tell a lie! About a case of Miller High Life! :D


No Millers for me untill allergy season is over :mad: Walked around taking pix at three shows Saturday. In the evening welded some on the speedster frame, warped it, heated it and warped it back straight :rolleyes: Sunday rained out, just hung out at my Daughters and took a Grandpa nap.
Saturday I sat on a bucket and stared at my Olds. Sunday I Finally figured out how to lay out my floor and got most of the bracing in....and watched some of the race in Atlanta. Pics tomorrow.
on Saturday my daughter and wife talked me into doing some yard work to clean up the and weed the flower beds.

Then of course my wife had me take her to dinner and the bookstore. Of course then I had to come home and start my new book.

I did go to the shop early and try once again to remove the king pins from my front axle. Finally got one to move but I need another die to finish getting it out. Luckily I can see the light at the end of tunnel.

Sunday was spent tinning and leading the drivers side A pillar and doing the same where I removed the drip rails.
Went to a tiny show. It has been held annualy for 44 yrs but they will have to change the date because the GGuys new spring event falls on the same weekend now. Built a complex bracket for the somewhat bigger than F1 steering box on the speedster frame. Decided to only run the Model A 21" spokes on the front only and try to find some solid 20" steel 5x41/2 spares off a late suv for the rear axle.
Put the 'new' $40 keep the inspector happy interior.(He would prefer a 'finished' interior which keeps him sweet so I'm ok with that)
Fixed the fuel shut off valve leak and aligned the headlights.
Off to Mexico then when I get back it's Inspection time.
Here's my hard work.
Also had to fit a windshield washer' and baffles in the exhaust.


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