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Put the 'new' $40 keep the inspector happy interior.(He would prefer a 'finished' interior which keeps him sweet so I'm ok with that)
Fixed the fuel shut off valve leak and aligned the headlights.
Off to Mexico then when I get back it's Inspection time.

Are you serious??? A finished interior to pass inspection??? [S Sounds like the military up there??? That's a lot to ask of a rat rodder in my opinion. However, it's hard to argue with the man holding your registration! :D

Glad I'm here where all you need is the safety basics to get it passed! [cl

Hauled this home. 1951 Mercury 255 flathead with 3 speed overdrive.



Reading through this makes me feel like a lazy *******.

I insulated one gable end in my garage, built a couple shelves in the rafters and that was it. The Mrs had other plans for my time the rest of the weekend. Only 35-7 more years then I can retire and have lots of time to spend in the garage...
Picked up another flathead and had it magged. Block is crap but the 4" merc crank is good. Installed the main seals and bolted on the oil pan to my trucks flathead. Marked the heads where a little machining needs to be done. Checked the piston clearance and found that I don't have enough. I'm trying to get around 0.040 to .050 clearance and I'm at about 0.005. Picked up another flatty to port for a friend.

Took the glass body off the Future Speedster chasis, and added 20" to the frame.. (Harder than I was expecting) The body was HEAVY!



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Kept working away at my floor. I did try some putting some 'decorative' beads in my lower firewall patch panel. I thought it came out pretty cool for 10 minutes worth of work. (doesn't really match the rest of the floor, but who cares!)

Hopefully one of these pics shows up decent.


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they called me back to work! for the weekend . so this weekend i worked for the man, but hey i got all wek to work onthe chevy, if it dont rain!!!!! but guess what!!!! goin to rain all week! when it aint cold it rains when it aint raining its cold! when its clear i get to work when i am broke its sunny!!! LOL man i need a shop! [;)
finished the wheel opening edges on the 29 tudor,been trying to figure out what to do with that without a lot of welding and grinding, made a strip of sheetmetal with a bead on each edge that follows the arch,spotwelded it on from the back. Got the body sides and back bolted together,with the braces.
Cleaned up the 31 chevy grill that came with the tudor,made a new bottom panel to replace the crankhole one. Like that grill,more of a mean look to it then the model a one,plus has a nice solid steel bar for mounting at the bottom. Sometime I will start my build thread,wanted to get a bit done fist thou.
Worker OT Saturday, went to the grandson's baseball game Sunday morning then spent a big chunk of the afternoon installing some of the new VDO gauges and a new stoplight switch. It had a pressure switch and i hate those things. I've never had much luck with 'em luck so i headed on down to the local auto parts store. I asked the counter guy if they had a universal mechanical stoplight switch. "What year?" "A 1923 Model T Ford T-Bucket. It's a hot rod. I just need a generic switch." The look on his face was priceless. Counter guy number two says "Try a '54 Chevy pickup." Counter guy number one pulls it up, and shows me the picture. "That'll work." I Fabbed up a bracket and it works like a charm.
What are your plans for the engine DMW?

I'm going to use it in the 34 or use this one I picked up this weekend. It's a newly rebuilt 1948 59AB. The guy just finished it for his car but has changed directions and wants to run a SBC. I heard it run and it sounds fine. Rebuilt by an older Gentleman so I think it was done right.

I've also bought an Offy 2X2 manifold and finned Al heads for the 59AB.




It also has a new rebuilt clutch and pressure plate.
Stitched together lots of metal & after I run one more errand... it's back to the garage! Nice flattie DMW!!!

Positioned the bentley passenger compartment (I wanna say'cab') on the frame. I'm leaving the top and side pillars on the piece Till I get it located, then gonna cut them off for the convertable thing.

I wasn't expecting the 'nose high' layout of the Bentley, and I built for a flat frame--didn't work out, so I have to eaither drop the frame 3" in the back or raise the front of the 'cab' 3".. Gonna do alittle of both. I had the body down low for a while like this pic, and didn't like the 'pro street' look--I'm aiming at "antique speedster" stance.. The BigNlittle shiney wheels didn't help--I bought a set of steel wheels today. Also snagged my 38 Buick grill outta the woods today--looks like it'll fit good!

Good start though--see a path to follow. I'm seeing a Roger Rabit ass dragger in my future.



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Glad to see you putting a flathead in the '34 DMW. Looking back ,apparently i didn't get much done in the garage this weekend. Did pump a lot of rainwater and mosquito tadpoles out of the concrete pond tho.

Does that mean your gonna take some more still life photos of your car parts? I kinda liked that series. :)

What I get done? I just keep weldin'.....
Building some more tools and the like, trying to get a bunch of the small jobs done so I can go whole hog on the big stuff when the times comes.
I ended up working on my son's new (used) 1994 318i BMW. It wasn't running right so he took it into a shop. They wanted $750 to replace the O2 and MAS sensors. I told him to pick it up and we'll install them. When he went to pick it up it wouldn't start and was told the starter was out.

I'm no mechanic and after my attempt at troubleshooting the issue I decided to replace the starter. I had to remove the entire intake system and after a days work the new one was in place. Damn thing still wouldn't turn over. I had to search around to find all the ground straps and found one that was loose. I replaced it and it's now running.

The front suspension is shot on this car so next week I'll be installing new ball joints and struts. Of course all my son wants to do is paint the wheels.


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