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Detail stuff mainly. Reworked the rear suspension so I can get as much as 4" drop without interference. Built 'cab' mounts and cut the Pieces to build the back of the cockpit. I got some 'mat' black equipment enamel to get the parts all one color, but it's SHINEY!! Kept spraying the stuff-thinking it'd dry flat, but no go--gonna have to get something different and shoot the parts again--the shiney shows every thing!!

Been getting dropin visitors alot--I set the 33 Dodge out in the yard to season and think about, and drivebuys see it and come visit. I gotta get it behind the shop. A buddy gave me a set of 33 Dodge front fenders--I 'gave' him a 26 T Fglass bucket body in return.. Need some back fenders to match the look now, proped them up to look at.--tried some front fenders from my 38 Buick on the back as something to think about..

Heres a shot of the 33 in the yard where I drove it to make room for the Bentley speedster project. A years work and around $1500 so far--runs-drives, starts, stops.. Needs a windshield, lights, hood bottom trimmed, to be a driver.. When I get time.



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I took the dragster to the Gopher State Timing Assn indoor car show. Got the "Thanks for Coming" plaque seen sitting on the engine. It was a lot of fun and I visited with many people about these throw back race cars. The Plymouth truck in the background is going to be stored soon to make way for other hot rod work that needs to be done this summer. The Crosley is ready to race once I get new belts and get my tow vehicle (S-10) running.
3/27 Planning

Planned on finish putting the rear together for the 40 Ford. But Mom call and she had a plumbing leak. ended up replacing all the copper in her house. Had to get it done over the weekend because she uses her house for a day care.
I did good this past weekend. Got the car out and fired up for the upcoming cruising season, cleaned out the garage, got rid of all the bottles and about 4 bags of my old ladys garden junk,AND expelled her and the HHR from the garage until next winter. Now I can work on getting it all messed up again :D
I cut trees up and burnt them. They've been in my back yard for months! When the burn ban is on, the weathers perfect. But when it's off, the wind is usually blowing enough that I'm Leary of setting something on fire beside the pile of trees!!!!....CR
Me? Rode the ratbike downtown to the cruise. Burned up a weedwhacker. (desert landscaping?) Trying to find deals on tires for the 21 inch model a front wheels and the 20 inch Nitro steel spare wheels for the Speedster so i can determine the ride height.
got my rear end and shocks mounted and built my drive shaft, finished the body panels i been puttin off !CAUSE I HATE ALL THOSE LITTLE SPOT WELDS!! [;)[;)[;)[;) and also got my disc brakes mocked up !!!!just walkin about 30minutes went straight to the puter!! man i think i am addicted!!![dr[c


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Changed the oil in the Harley and started getting it ready for this summer. Found out I need a battery for it.

Pulled the Anglia out of the back garage after a two year slumber. Put a different Edelbrock carb on it and got rid of the rich condition. Bought some SEM Hot Rod Black paint. Gonna try shooting this one myself.
I've had this car for at least 30 years and have driven it less than 500 miles.
Put 4 new injectors in the backhoe, installed a new power steering pump, changing the oil and filters, pressure washing it and getting it ready to paint......shiney and yellow. Not going to turn it into a "Rathoe", well...at least not right now.
I busted my buns tryin' to get my PU ready for the big show this weekend but... that ain't gonna happen. Things that should have taken a couple of hours wound up takin' nearly all day so I fell behind. Also been too busy to take fotos but I'll do that today & post some later! Still gonna keep the pressure on because there's another big local show May 1st. That outta work out!

I tried to do as little as possible, yesterday being my b-day and all. Kid went to sleep for a few hours so decided to head to the garage and put in some time on a bumper I've been working on for a Jeep. Just to put the icing on my own cake I ended up with a peice of steel in my eye so the g/f being an ER nurse sends me to the ER to have it cleaned out. Doctor couldnt find it at first and sent me for x-rays thinking it went through my eye... ends up they couldnt find it, other then the couple scratches it left behind. Sad thing is this time I was actually wearing safety glasses.

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