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May 22, 2007
Sept. 29, 23 I had a knee replacement, probably the best thing I have done in awhile. Knee works great, no pain couldn't ask for more. However I have had a infection that just would not go away, get it cleared up and aweek later it would be back. Last Friday morning I went under the knife again. They opened my knee and scrubbed it out real good and put me on iv antibiotics. Looking like I will get to go home tomorrow. I am so over this, haven't worked in almost 6 months, my car sitting in the yard in plain sight covered with a tarp and I can't do anything to it. Talking about going stir crazy. Hopefully this will get me straightened out, I got to much I need to be doing. On a good point at least it will be warm outdoors when I get to grab a wrench. Hope everybody has a great day.
Got a show coming up over in Sumiton on March 2, maybe you’ll feel up to coming out a little while. We’ll be in the wife’s Corvette, my car is still down, haven’t had time to look at it.
I'm home, they released me late yesterday, home health was calling before we got out of the parking lot. I guess I better talk to them today. No pick line but antibiotics twice a day for 6 weeks, and possibly up to 6 months, I want the lesser. They said staff epi negative which is the staff everybody has on their skin. No problem till it gets inside of you. No tape or stitches this time, you can call me zipper knee not sure how many but a bunch fore sure. Hoping to go back to work mid March, but I bet they try to keep me off for a bit longer.
second night at home and still sleeping like a rock, i guess the wife and i are still exhausted. little more pain, the block has wore off, but nothing i can't handle. thanks for the kind words, and everybody have a great day.

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